Parcelsea smart mailbox concept

The birth of smart and secure mailbox – Parcelsea

Parcelsea is founded by two technology enthusiasts, who personally are passionate to make parcel delivery much simpler, faster, and secure for everybody. We all have heard Newton’s apple story of how an apple hit young Isaac’s head. Inspired by the experience he later described the theory of gravity. In our case, we were not happy to sit home and wait for the courier to deliver the food and stuff we bought online. When meeting the couriers we realized they had the opposite issue – people are not often home and many deliveries fail because of it.

As many great companies have started from the garage, so did our team. We put on thinking hats and drew the first concepts on the whiteboard. And the rest is history. Currently we are in prototype phase of our smart and secure mailbox development. As of now we’ll keep you posted on the latest company milestones.

As a company we believe in honesty and transparency – we aim to serve the best interest of our customers and partners. Also, we are open to new ideas and opinions that you may have. Just drop us a message.