ParcelSea smart mailbox team

From 2 founders to a team of 4

When coming together, the founders Indrek Jürgenson and Andres Sampka believed everything is possible already from day 1. They combined a mix of skills in IT and hardware development, but also in strategic thinking and operations management. However we missed few other crucial skills to bring the ideas to life. Eg. CAD design, deep knowledge in material science and engineering were core items we needed to seek support for.

We had an option to become “Jack of all trades, but master of none” or to bring in the knowledge to complement the ideas we had. We chose the latter and invited an experienced engineer to the team to keep our R&D on right tracks. Also for Sales management, we invited Tanel Raun, an expert in postal industry, to join the team as of November with a mission to improve the value creation to our customers.

So, we are a team of four strong individuals working towards one goal – to make last mile delivery service more convenient for everybody! Our team continues to expand as we are currently interviewing marketing professionals to add a bit of spice to the mix.