Parcelsea smart mailbox concept

From cardboard concept to first prototype

At the first time we sat together we had many difficult questions to answer: From where to begin? What resources do we need? What is our value offer? Embracing the unknown we quickly agreed that we need to pull up the sleeves and get cracking with material and tools we have around us. In order to get everybody on the same page we designed the first company roadmap. The milestones looked terrifying, but we all agreed this was the way to do it.

The first product concept was built by using cardboard, glue, nuts and bolts. We also spray-painted the external parts. Already the first outcome gave us a huge boost of confidence to continue. The second prototype was built by using more sophisticated material and techniques. Needless to say, it looked even better!

In October we were ready to file in the patent to protect the design. Also we have successfully tested electronics and hardware. As a result we have proven the initial concept. Our plan for November is to finish the design and production for few more prototypes, which we aim to use for customer experience evaluation in the product clinic.