ParcelSea smart mailbox product market fit

Product Market Fit – the need is there

We believe that like cheetahs, last mile delivery industry will pivot and develop more solutions for customised courier service to add flexibility.

When interviewing e-commerce customers, we concluded the need is there:

  1. People are avoiding physical stores and making more purchasing decisions online because of better product and price comparison between different websites.
  2. There is no need for “one size fits all” delivery solution. Rather than sticking to one method, people are using both parcel terminals next to supermarkets and are accepting courier deliveries at home. However when elaborating the topic, 80% of the answers indicate it is often complicated to plan daily routes around parcel terminal locations. Especially when they are indoors.
  3. People would value contactless courier delivery and would not miss the physical interaction. Also people would use more courier direct to home deliveries if they would not have to be present for it.

We in Parcelsea are making deliveries contactless and hence more convenient! We’ll show you how very soon!