Parcelsea nutipostkast

Getting ready for April 2021: beta-test installations and real user feedback.

We have now installed 20 Parcelsea smart mailboxes in Tallinn, Viimsi and Pärnu. These 20 installations have been made to the homes of our beta-testing community – which means that we are moving closer to the preorder production phase!

We are now confident that our product works in different weather conditions and moving further to real use cases and feedback. Our goal is to gather as much real feedback as possible in the upcoming weeks as input for our first commercial patch of Parcelsea smart mailboxes which will be installed from April 2021!

As couriers play a huge role in this process, we are also meeting with different courier companies in Estonia and running real use case tests with them. Our goal is that by April 2021 all courier companies know what a smart mailbox is and how to deliver goods to people owning one.

We know that people on the preorder list are eager to get their hands on their smart mailbox, but bear with us – April is not far away! We want to deliver the best product we can and we can assure you that the wait is worth it!