Parcelsea smart mailbox

A picture says more than 1000 words, what about video?

How does the smart mailbox look from the inside? How big are different sections? How does a package make it into the smart mailbox? How do I know, that the package has been delivered?

We have actually received quite a few of the questions above and you have probably had them on your mind also. As we were waiting for design protection for our smart mailbox, we had to keep some details behind a certain veil of secrecy.

Now is the time to present to you: Parcelsea smart mailbox video!  

We also added a product page with detailed information on our website and new pictures to the gallery, so that everyone could get a better idea of the nature of the smart mailbox and get their questions answered. 

Today, it is also clear, that the interest in our smart mailbox is significantly greater than we could have expected. The number of pre-orders is growing and if you want to be among the first to become the owner of Parcelsea smart mailbox, then place your pre-order today.