eshop free of charge delivery smart mailbox

29 e-shops with free home delivery, where you can conveniently order goods to the Parcelsea smart mailbox

Buying goods from e-shops is gaining more and more attention among Estonians. Greater choice, better prices, convenient, flexible – sounds like a completely reasonable choice?

When shopping in physical store, you can avoid paying for the delivery of goods, which is added to the purchase price in most e-shops – is it ordering goods to a parcel machine, home or using a pick-up solution. Increasingly, however, e-shops also offer completely free home delivery or free home delivery from a certain price. Therefore, ordering home is a very convenient solution, but the only annoyance is trying to plan your time with courier: “Hello, I’ll be there in 5 minutes!”. That our users know:

“Parcelsea is the most beneficial when ordering packages from abroad – often the courier service is free when ordering more than X amount, and if I choose the courier service anyway, it’s good to know that I don’t have to stress my head if I’m still at home when the courier calls, that he will be here in 5 minutes (which, unfortunately, they often do). “

But this is not only the case when ordering from abroad! We searched for you both Estonian and foreign e-shops, which will bring you the goods ordered online for free. Thanks to the open solution, you can order goods from absolutely any e-shop to the Parcelsea smart mailbox, and 5-minute advance notices are also a thing of the past!


Order food from the e-store! Why? Because it is a very cost- and time-efficient option– since the customers of the e-store usually buy the shopping cart for a whole week at a time, fewer emotional purchases are made in the process. Besides, it also takes time and money to travel to and from the store, although the same time could be spent with your family.

eshop free delivery

  • in Tallinn, Harju County and Pärnu, food will be delivered home free of charge at least until the end of the summer, regardless of the size of the shopping cart.
  • Fresh products from starting from 39.90€ delivery is free of charge.
  • For coffee lovers from 50€ purchase delivery is free of charge.
  • Quality meat products from 25€ delivery is free of charge.
  • Finest drinks from free delivery of charge from 39€.
  • delivery free of charge from the purchase of 50.58€.
  • Healthy food from starting from 55€ delivery is free of charge.


In fashion, there is a complete advantage in e-shop shopping – the selection is bigger, more special products are available and often clothes are cheaper! It is also a big plus that even if nothing should fit, the goods can usually be returned free of charge. And soon you can return it conveniently via Parcelsea’s smart mailbox!

  • You can find over 700 brands at free shipping and return.
  • Asos.comEurope’s largest seller of fashion products: delivery is free of charge from 42€.
  • that focuses on street culture: from 75€ delivery is free of charge.
  • International fashion brand free shipping & returns.
  • Quality fashion brand from 39€ delivery is free of charge.
  • Apranga group store from 59€ delivery is free of charge.
  • Estonia’s largest sports store chain starting from 50€ shipping free of charge.
  • The largest selection of Nike products from 50€ free of charge.
  • International fashion brand sends fashion free of charge from 50€.


E-shops provide absolutely everything you could need in one householding! Books, electronics, pet supplies, flowers, dishes, beauty products and so on!

  • Estonian e-shop free delivery.
  • Famous China e-shop free shipping.
  • Beauty products from from 29 € free.
  • Sports and leisure goods free shipping, if there is a free shipping marking and purchase over 69€.
  • All your kitchen utensils from from 250€ purchase free and free return.
  • American e-shop free shipping.
  • Gold and silver jewelry from free of charge from the purchase of 50€.
  • Everything you are looking for can be found at free delivery with a certain label.
  • You can find pet food and supplies at free of charge from 25€.
  • “Ajujaht” this year’s winner, toothpaste tablets Mü free delivery directly to your home with a standing order!
  • You can find knowledge and joy of discovery from from 50€ free of charge.
  • Flowers order from (from 45€ free delivery) or from (from 50€ free delivery).
  • You can find the best selection of beauty products at free of charge from 30€.

pakid tasuta koju kuller

And definitely many more – don’t forget to check shipping conditions out!

With the selection like that, everything you need for life can be obtained without much effort, time and money. If you even want to e-shop without being stressed out due to delivery methods, order your personal parcel machine here.