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5 reasons to order groceries to your Parcelsea smart mailbox from Rimi

Although, thanks to the open solution, Rimi couriers were able to deliver groceries to the Parcelsea smart mailbox earlier too. But, now all Rimi couriers will be trained by us as an official partner and will be ready to offer you the most convenient courier service.

In addition, the Rimi e-shop is convenient and useful for you in many ways. Here are 5 advantages of the Rimi e-store:

1. Personal offers

When you log in to the Rimi e-store, the page remembers your favorite groceries and makes them more affordable for you personally in the future. Offers are updated every week!

2. Free shipping

Rimi delivers food at an extremely affordable price – prices for home delivery range from €0.99 to €4.99, and if you order for €50.58, the goods will be delivered home for free! RImi also has a home delivery service package (€1.99), upon purchase of which you will receive a courier service free of charge for 60 days! PS! In July, the home delivery service package is free – take the opportunity!

3. 12-hour courier service hours

The goods will be brought home from 9 am to 9 pm and, for example, if ordered before 10 am, the goods will be brought home on the same evening after 4 pm.

4. Occasional gifts

Your grocery bag will often include a gift that has been personally chosen for you and that Rimi thinks you might like. Isn’t it a great way to find new and exciting flavors to your food selection!

Smart mailbox food delivery

5. Recipes to the shopping cart with one click

In Rimi’s large collection of recipes, you will find a wide selection of dishes. Also, you can add the ingredients to your shopping cart with one click according to the number of servings! You can also browse recipes by occasion, meal, lifestyle and ingredients. Rimi also has its own food advisor, whose recipes and recommendations for the product range can be seen here.

So save time and money by ordering your groceries from the Rimi e-store and have them delivered to your smart mailbox and just enjoy the summer at the same time!

You can place an order for a Parcelsea smart mailbox here!