finnish smart mailbox

Parcelsea is now officially in Finland!

After 1 year and 1 day of the birth of Parcelsea, we are glad to announce that the testing round for Finland was a great success and as of last week, the first installation of the smart mailbox for Suomen Pesupaikat in Helsinki was made! 

Therefore, as of today already all households in the western part of the capital region, Espoo, can make an order for the Parcelsea smart mailbox. Moreover, in the near future, every Finnish citizen is able to order 3 different versions of the Parcelsea smart mailbox for their liking!

Starting in July 2021 we began to introduce the idea of a personal parcel machine to the Finnish audience. Different advertisements through social media were presented to the northern country and through them, a call to join a smart mailbox waiting list was given. After a month of gathering the interest, a significant number of people had listed their names on our waiting list. It was a positive confirmation of the existing demand and a sign that we need to take our actions further.

“Over the year the whole Parcelsea team has done a great job in developing a product that we have tested successfully in all weather conditions. It has been highly assuring to hear positive feedback from both couriers and customers. Therefore, I am extremely happy that we can now introduce the Parcelsea smart mailbox to Finnish households. Furthermore, I am sure it will remove the main hassle of last-mile deliveries and make e-shopping even more convenient.” confirms our Chief Executive Officer Andres Sampka. 

Our goal has always been to expand our service into foreign countries and Finland has always been in our mind as among the first places to go to. Fortunately, the statistical analysis showed the same. In the prior market entry, we analyzed Finland’s private households, more specifically the number of parcels ordered, usage of e-commerce, and other macroeconomics measures that proved to us the rightness of expansion plans. 

Subsequently, we started to look for a country manager for the Nordic region. Since in the long run, there is a plan to enter more northern provinces and the help of an informed local seemed crucial. In late August, a previous retail ecosystem creator Petteri Heiman was welcomed to our team of 10 as a Chief Sales Officer! 

“In Petteri, we get a professional in building retail networks and developing the value-chain. We believe that he is the right person to further develop our business to the next level,” said Andres Sampka, the CEO of Parcelsea.

So, with whom are we cooperating in Finland at the moment and what will the future there be like?

pesupaikka soumi smart mailbox

Answers our Chief Sales Officer Petteri Heiman: The opening campaign in Espoo-region is done together with a premium car wash company called Suomen Pesupaikat. Together with them, we have agreed to offer a batch of the first 100 smart mailboxes in Finland at a campaign price of 12,99€/month. We also have a close co-operation with all the main couriers and on-going discussions with online retailers in especially the grocery section, which we believe to be one of the stakeholders benefiting from a more flexible last mile.”

Moreover, we will enlarge the Finnish availability area as soon as possible, since we already have gotten a lot of signups to the waiting list from all over Finland. We expect to start the installments during October and we are currently up-scaling our production capacity in order to meet both the growing demand in Estonia and the launch in Finland. 

All in all, we are very excited to offer Parcelsea smart mailboxes in Finland and continue our expansion in Scandinavia and Europe – hoping for a better tomorrow as of receiving parcels quickly and safely! 

Want to be among the first Finnish residences to own a personal Parcelsea smart mailbox? Then make an order here ➡️