Parcelsea nutipostkast Saksamaal

Parcelsea landed in Germany

Destination: Germany

In the autumn, we tested interest in Parcelsea smart mailboxes in almost 10 European countries, and combined data on the popularity of e-commerce and parcel logistics to select potential countries, and tested the hypotheses of data analysis through digital marketing. Using the results of the campaign, we identified the most potential target markets for Parcelsea smart mailboxes. Germany was one of them, and taking all the different factors into account, we realized that Germany was one of the first countries we had to go to. Meant-done!

We tested the market with the help of simpler landing pages in local languages, now we have also launched the official German Parcelsea website, which you can feel free to share with your German friends! Today, hundreds of Germans have already ordered a smart mailbox, to which we will now install. The first will receive their Parcelsea smart mailboxes this week or have already received it.

Three days and 7 cities

ParcelSea paigaldus Saksamaal

In three days, our installation team will travel hundreds of kilometers and install the first batch of twenty Parcelsea smart mailboxes. The first installations will take place in Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Hamburg. “These areas are of the greatest interest to us, and now we are doing our best to get everyone in the area to have their Parcelsea smart mailbox in their backyard as soon as possible. In terms of logistics, Germany is a bit more complicated than Estonia, and although there are orders from almost every part of Germany, we also need to plan the installation process wisely in terms of resources. We are assembling the German team, until then we will solve the situation ourselves – that is why I and our engineer Silver will install the first German smart mailboxes,” comments Tanel Raun, co-founder of Parcelsea.

“We did not have the German decision as a priority in the 2021 plans, because our northern neighbors – Finland and Sweden – seemed to be the most logical first foreign countries where to go,” adds Andres Sampka, the founder and CEO of Parcelsea. “We had Finland in the plan immediately, but after the summer market test, we decided to continue collecting orders in Germany as well. The numbers spoke for themselves, and we decided to focus on the German market – the potential is enormous. In Finland, we will continue to operate with B2B agreements, and negotiations with dozens of postal, logistics and trade companies.”

Where to next?

In 2022, one of the main focuses will be the German market, in addition to Estonia, where we are already assembling a local team and planning to open a local office,” added Sampka. “In parallel, we are delivering to our home market in Estonia and Finland and are working on several new software solutions, which we will be announcing soon. We have also received very valuable feedback from our customers on new functionalities and solutions, some of which we will be launching in the near future. Our product is no longer aimed exclusively at private customers, but we also work with international couriers and e-department stores. So it can’t be ruled out that next year we will already be consolidating in other European countries and developing innovative solutions that will make the last mile more convenient for all parties.”

Read about our expansion into Germany and Genius and keep an eye on our social media channels, as you will soon hear news about our future plans directly from the co-founders of Parcelsea!

PS! If you also want to hire a smart assistant, you can order a Parcelsea smart mailbox here. And if you order in December, you will get an installation for 20 € cheaper!