On vacation, but the package arrives? Smart mailbox will help you out of parcel trouble!

No matter where your 2022 vacation trip takes you, with Parcelsea’s smart parcel box, you won’t have to worry about parcel receiving and storage while you’re away. Your personal parcel friend will accept all deliveries for you and stow them safely until your return.

What happens to the packages when you are on vacation?

Shortly before your departure, you go through the checklist in your head once again: is the suitcase packed? the car fueled? the provisions prepared for the trip? have all the packages been delivered? – if the latter is not the case, you may ask yourself: what happens to my packages if I am on vacation for an extended period of time?

If you order parcels and they do not arrive before your trip, a parcel pick-up slip is usually left in your mailbox. You will then have the opportunity to pick up your parcel at the nearest postal station. However, it is important to note that the storage period at most Packstations and post offices is only 7 days.

If the package is not picked up from the post office in time, the status of your order will change to “Return to sender.” In most cases, the return to the sender cannot be prevented because the sorting process of parcels is automatic. Not only does it now cost the customer a lot of time and probably several calls to customer service to get their package to resent to their address, this can also be expensive.

The courier service may charge a fee for returning the package to the sender, which the sender must pay. The customer cannot expect a refund here. In addition to this, the customer must arrange the redelivery himself and bears the shipping costs. These costs can be easily avoided by a parcel box, moreover, the customer does not have to fear an unpleasant welcome surprise shortly after returning from vacation.

Is a parcel box for home worthwhile as personal parcel storage on vacation?

A personal parcel box can accept all your deliveries for you 24/7. As a home parcel box that you can easily install, it can accept deliveries right outside your front door- and keep them safe.

It doesn’t matter where you are, your parcels will be accepted by the smart parcel box by itself. When delivery is received, the parcel box will notify you by SMS that a parcel has been deposited.

Parcel acceptance and storage by Parcelsea intelligent parcel box is worthwhile especially for busy people who are rarely at home, but also for every online shopper who wants to save the stress of parcel acceptance and storage, whether during the vacation season or in the nerve-racking everyday life.

Our parcel box is simple to set up and use, requiring no complicated apps, wifi, or external power connection. During development, we made sure that everyone is able to operate the parcel box.

What is the cost of a vacation replacement for the parcel box?

You can get the Parcelsea parcel box to your home for a low monthly rental fee of 9.99 EUR. Your parcels will be safely accepted and stored all year round, not only when you are on vacation. Thanks to its intelligent division into three separate compartments (S, M and L), the parcel box can accept up to three deliveries at the same time.

Find out today about a personal parcel box for your home. Our team will be happy to advise you, write to us at