Smart mailbox with parcel compartment for a single-family home

Smart mailbox with parcel compartment for a single-family home

The Parcelsea smart mailbox helps families accept parcels safely and contact-free. A mailbox with a parcel compartment not only accepts letters and postcards, but also small and medium-sized parcels.

What is a smart mailbox for single-family homes?

In short, it is a mailbox update for the modern online shopper. The mailbox with parcel compartment is equipped with a conventional letter slot, but this is where the similarities end. The main distinguishing features can be found in the design, the size, and the functions.

The mailbox has a total of three parcel compartments of different sizes. This means that all standard package sizes (XS, M, L) can be delivered to the mailbox without contact and without anyone having to be at home. There are no limits for our customers when it comes to choosing a delivery service provider since the compartments can be used as an open solution by any parcel carrier, neighbour, or food supplier.

Thanks to the integrated anti-theft system, which is activated with a click after closing the parcel compartment, the compartments are locked after delivery and from this point on can only be opened by the owner and his family. It is opened either by entering a PIN directly at the parcel box, or remotely by SMS command.

Delivery to the mailbox with a parcel compartment is quick and uncomplicated for the delivery services. Since the suppliers have unlimited access to empty compartments, all they have to do is open the relevant parcel compartment, put the parcel down and press the compartment down with one click. Corresponding instructions on how to use the mailbox are located directly on the parcel compartment, in Estonian and English.


What features does a smart mailbox with a parcel compartment for single-family homes have?

 ✔️ Independent parcel acceptance 24/7

Having a smart mailbox at home means independence from neighbours, parcel stations and additional time expenditure. The parcel compartments accept deliveries 24/7 contactless and securely, without anyone having to be at home.

✔️ Estonian-wide delivery

We deliver the smart mailbox throughout Estonia within 14 days. Sending and installing the smart mailbox is a few-step process.

PS! The installation is free in July. Take your chance to order the smart mailbox now!

✔️ Fast assembly

Our smart mailbox can be set up in less than an hour. You can assemble the mailbox in just a few steps and you will find all the tools you need in the toolset provided. Since the foot is adjustable, the mailbox can also be placed on almost any surface.

✔️ Modern design

The Parcelsea mailbox with parcel compartment is not just a characterless steel box but was designed with great attention to detail. With its fine curves and high-quality workmanship, it is a real eye-catcher and is therefore difficult for visitors, neighbours and couriers to overlook.

✔️ Made in Estonia

Our mailbox is manufactured in Estonia. Known for its up-and-coming business scene and countless innovations in the areas of digitization and technology, the state stands for high quality and security standards.

✔️ Robust and weatherproof

The mailbox is made of steel and weighs a total of around 70 kilos. Its powder coating makes it particularly resistant to snow, rain and scratches.

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✔️ Renting instead of buying

Parcelsea’s smart mailbox is available for low-cost rental. The rental price also includes an annual maintenance service and a 5-year guarantee. Also, you can cancel the subscription at any time.

✔️ Washes and irons your laundry

Parcelsea will also help households to wash and iron their bed linen – just put the dirty laundry in the box and it will be back clean and ironed in just a few days.

If you live in Harju or Tartu County and you also want to try Parcelsea’s laundry service, you can do it at half price in July! Order the Parcelsea laundry service and see for yourself.

✔️ Smart but simple

The mailbox for single-family homes has smart functions but is still easy to use. Our user manual is limited to a few pages and is written in a way that is easy to understand. When it comes to the functions, it is important to us that it remains functional and as uncomplicated as possible, which is why customers do not need any apps, WiFi or external power access for commissioning.

Since the telephone link between your mobile phone and the letter box is controlled entirely via SMS messages, no smartphone is required, any mobile phone with an SMS function can be used.

✔️ Fast customer service

You can reach our customer service from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. by email at and you will usually receive an answer within two hours. In the event of urgent problems, questions or feedback, our customer advisors can also be reached by telephone – +37253935353.

Find out more about Parcelsea here and order your mailbox today!