Who is Kaisa Mäesalu, Parcelsea’s new supply chain manager?

Photo: Tiina Kukk

In the meantime, the team of Parcelsea has gone through a few changes  – the first of them being Kaisa Mäesalu, who joined our team at the end of spring and has now comfortably established herself as the supply chain manager.

Let’s get to know Kaisa more closely!

Kaisa, who are you and where do you come from?

I’m Kaisa and I come from Tallinn. I have a husband and two children, I like to read books and listen to music. Could anything sound more cliche?

Before Parcelsea, I worked in the automotive industry for over 18 years, for some time in quality, but mostly in various roles in the supply chain. I got the preparation for this from the bachelor’s degree in Product Development and Production Engineering at TalTech, and I have further educated myself on Economics and Supply Chain topics both at the University of Tartu and at a remote TalTech master’s course. In order to balance my rather masculine work life, I also do make-up in addition to my main job, which is both a hobby and a job, which I really enjoy. To briefly summarize my professional background, you can say that I am a mechanic and a make-up artist. ?

Where do you plan to go?

I will definitely go back to Italy and New York someday, I will visit Japan, South and maybe even North Korea, Hawaii, Southeast Asia (the exact location is being specified), New Zealand, Greenland, Iceland, and Mongolia. This list is certainly not final!

You will receive the message “L. Delivery” from your smart mailbox, but you have not ordered anything. What is your greatest wish that would be there?

Speaking of things, it would be especially nice if there were plane tickets and travel money to the places listed in the previous answer. At the same time, I guess I would never say no to an awesome pair of sneakers. But if I dream without borders and abstractly, I dream – surprise-surprise – of peace on earth. Cliché again, but so-so true!

Therefore, everyone who has ordered a smart mailbox in the last two months has indirectly come into contact with the mechanic Kaisa. However, if you want to meet Kaisa as a makeup artist, you can take a look at her awesome handwriting on her Instagram @kaisamaesalu. At the same time, there is also interior designer Kaisa, who also shares the completion of her Jakobi street apartment on Instagram. Moreover, they also have a Parcelsea smart mailbox installed at a small apartment building in the city center!