Parcelsea smart mailbox 2x more affordable

Parcelsea smart mailbox now for 9,99€ per month!

The testing of our smart mailboxes has exceeded expectations and the crispy Estonian winter hardly affects the performance of smart mailboxes at all. While developing the smart mailbox back in autumn, it was clear that what works in cozy autumn weather might not work in Estonian winter conditions. The tests have disproved our hypotheses and we have been able to significantly optimize product development costs.

Based on that, we decreased the monthly fee 2x – which means that Parcelsea smart mailbox can now be ordered at home for € 9.99 per month! Our focus remains on product quality, design and user experience which means that we do not compromise on product development.

The new price applies to everyone – customers who have already received Parcelsea smart mailbox, customers who have made a pre-order and, of course, all new subscribers. Place your pre-order today and you will soon receive your ordered packages from your smart mailbox.