Smart mailbox

10 reasons, why you should own Parcelsea smart mailbox

I ordered today. I’m not home tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, there is no time to drive to the post office or to the delivery point in the other end of the town. So, I must go on Saturday. Oh surprise! Lovely long queues, because other people did not manage to pick up their packages during the working week as well. But what to do? The post office is closed on Sunday, so you just have to wait for at least half an hour in a boring queue. 

However, it is practical when you can specify the period when you can and want to receive your goods, especially with the groceries. Although, for you as an active person, the time windows are often too big and make you a home prisoner for the whole evening.

Interesting, where is my package? “But why was it sent to the post office? But I was home all the time! The phone didn’t ring at all.” You’re outraged and the call center employee is at loss, but the truth doesn’t seem to appear anywhere.

Are any of these situations familiar to you? Yes? Have you heard of a personal smart mailbox? Here are ten reasons to consider buying one!

1. Save your valuable time

With a smart mailbox, you’ll probably never have to go to a crowded post office or wait in a parcel machine queue again. Your packages are always safely waiting for you when you get home.

If you are used to ordering a lot of goods online and used to planning your trips based on the location of your packages, then in the future you have the freedom to decorate and plan your time and logistics according to your preferences. If you want, you go by car, if you want, you go by bike. Or on foot instead. You don’t have to think about whether you can carry a shopping bag  or a big parcel.

2. You will receive food, packages, manufactured goods and newspapers at the same time

Going to a big grocery store takes quite a lot of time. It is good to have the right parcel machine right at the store, where you order the necessary things from e-shops. But not always.

Ordering food by courier is easy, but you never know if you will be able to get home before the courier or if you have to suffer from an empty stomach for a few hours.

The owner of a home parcel machine can order parcels from several online stores at the same time, separately from each other and through different courier services. Moreover, all packages can always be tracked through self-service.

The smart mailbox receives your parcels right at your doorstep, whether you’re at home, away or on the road. The mailbox has separate boxes for packages of different sizes. You will receive grocery bags, packages ordered from the online stores as well as newspapers and letters at the same time. 

3. Even if you are away for a long time, you don’t have to worry 

You can deliver things to your smart mailbox several times a day. You do not have to empty the mailbox after each delivery. You will, of course, be notified as soon as the shipment has arrived.

Since the mailbox has boxes for three shipments, this is a good solution even if you are away or on a longer vacation.

4. Contactless delivery

With the help of a smart mailbox, you can receive your orders completely contactlessly. You no longer have to sign in person or pick up a clean face mask when receiving a package from a courier.

5. Your packages are in a safe place

The Parcelsea private parcel machine is made of stainless steel and weather resistant thanks to the powder paint. You can be sure that it will serve you for years to come. The smart mailbox is designed so that the packages are protected from theft and weather.

6. Parcelsea smart mailbox works with all courier services

The Parcelsea service is open to all courier services. You can order from your preferred online store without having to change your mind when you reach the delivery options and start from scratch in another store.

The openness of our service also means that the box is integration-free and does not require a special app to use it. Couriers like it very much, and consumers like it too!

Openness brings another advantage – for instance, if Grandma wants to leave you an apple pie on her walk or bring back a book borrowed from a friend, it’s a piece of cake (pun intended)! 

7. Personal smart mailbox is suitable for both home and business

Parcelsea smart mailbox is suitable for private households, semi-detached houses and companies.

8. This kind of smart solution also helps to protect the environment

If your parcel cannot be delivered on the first attempt, repeated trips of the courier service car will unnecessarily pollute the environment. If you choose a smarter solution, you will reduce the ecological footprint of your packages.

9. Reasonable choice for all parties

Service providers, merchants and you as a consumer share one dream: that the courier can deliver the goods on the first try. If it doesn’t work, it becomes annoying for everyone.

For a courier company, a failed delivery attempt is a pretty decent expense. If this cost does not exist, over time, optimizing the service should make the delivery cost more favorable for everyone.

10. Parcelsea is constantly trying to surprise you, the product and service is constantly evolving

This is a very exciting time for Parcelsea – we actively collect user feedback and develop our service for the better and smoother. Even today, we still don’t know exactly what we can offer our current customers in a year’s time – there are a lot of ideas on the table. But there is one thing that will not change. Our purpose. It is and will be offering the best and most stylish smart mailbox on the market. That the parcel economy is not the thing that controls your daily life.

Sounds good? If you are interested in the Parcelsea smart mailbox, place an order here.