Parcelsea smart mailbox production and testing

How does the production process of Parcelsea smart mailboxes look like?

Each production begins with thorough testing. We assemble a smaller batch of smart mailboxes, with which we test their quality and durability. When the tests are successfully completed, we will start to produce and then install the smart mailboxes on a larger scale.

Smart mailbox frames arrived – time to start painting and assembling smart mailboxes for testing!

Parcelsea nutipostkasti tootmine

The interiors of the first smart mailboxes arrived at the factory! From here, painting, assembly and testing await them. As we wrote in an earlier blog post – As a result of the testing period, the smart mailbox will have the following upgrades:

  • New location for the regular mailbox: a mailbox opening has been added to the outside of the smart mailbox, allowing the postman to deliver regular mail without having to open the outer lid. 
  • Larger “L” section: we moved the PIN-pad on the lid of the “XS” section which increases the “L” section.
  • Adjustable bottom frame: the smart mailbox has now an adjustable bottom frame that allows it to be mounted on sloping surfaces.
  • Extra comfort and safety: the „L“ and „M“ section lids will be locked in the open position by magnets that allow the sections to be used without having to support the lids. 
  • Extra moisture and dust resistance: we installed additional seals on the smart mailbox to prevent moisture and dust from entering the sections. 

Personal parcel locker lid durability test 

Nutipostkasti kaane test

We test the durability of the smart mailbox lid on the basis of the cover opening and closing cycle. The test has a total of 1,000 lid opening and closing cycles, which reflects using the smart mailbox for about 5 years. We will perform similar tests with the inner section lids as well.

How does the parcel box handle moisture and rain? 

Resistance to moisture and other precipitation is very important in the Estonian climate. Testing it is basically taking a shower. Since our bathrooms were a little small for this test, we did it outdoors. And of course, we tested it from different angles, because it never rains just “straight” down from the sky. Test result – the smart mailbox is not afraid of any moisture!

Parcelsea nutipostkasti veetest

What happens from here?

In parallel, we are working on software and electronics, and when all of the tests have been successfully completed, we assemble everything and put the production line into full operation. A little more patience and soon you can start using your smart mailbox!  ✌️