Personal smart mailbox

What is a smart mailbox?

Due to the modern times, paper letters and magazines are fading and more emphasis is placed on digital communication and media. Moreover, e-commerce has developed and the parcel business is on the rise throughout the whole world. Now the problem is – where to put all these parcels? Parcel machines are overwhelmed and packages are too large for regular mailboxes. So, this creates the need for a bigger and smarter personal mailbox.

What is a smart mailbox?

Estonian made Parcelsea smart mailbox is a new personal parcel box with an eye-catching design – it’s safe and easy to use! Parcelsea has three compartments intended for letters, newspapers, packages of different sizes (L, M, XS) as well as food bags.

Does “smart” mean very complicated technology?

Technological capability is important, of course, but Parcelsea smart mailbox is based on the principle that technology must make life easier, not more complicated.

The Parcelsea personal locker is innovative from both sides – from the engineering side and technologically, but our goal is to make the other last-mile courier service more convenient for all parties. From the beginning, we have wanted our products to be easy and logical to use for all parties.

What are the features of a personal parcel machine?

  • Open solution. The Parcelsea smart mailbox is an integration-free and open solution where all courier companies, grocery stores and private individuals can leave their packages.This means you can give friends and family a secure way to deliver parcels to your personal smart mailbox or even pick up packages when you’re away. You can open the smart mailbox with a PIN code or through sending an SMS to the smart mailbox.
  • Easy to use. The user interface is specially designed to be fast and easy for all parties to use. The courier does not need a special application or passcode.The courier simply opens the appropriate box, inserts the shipment and closes the lid. The used box is locked after entering the package.
  • Smart. The system allows the delivery automatically if the boxes are empty. You will receive a SMS notification when the parcel has been locked to the mailbox. The innovative future of the box is also worth a mention – in the near future, you can also send packages from it and implement other technologies to it (for instance, a smart mailbox may open your gate and garage door automatically, when it spots your number plate)!
  • Secure. With the unique code, only users of the smart mailbox can have access to the packages and the courier only has access to the empty and open boxes. If the smart mailbox already contains packages, it can only be accessed if the owners have unlocked it.
  • Guaranteed. In the case of the rental model, a smart mailbox is considered as the property of Parcelsea, and if something happens, we will replace it. The warranty of the purchased parcel box lasts for 2 years.
  • Three compartments. The Parcelsea home locker consists of three boxes of different sizes (L, M, XS) and a visible letterbox. At the bottom of cell L there is also a thermal box where you can put goods that need maintaining their temperature. The thermal box protects the food from the effects of the outside temperature for 2-4 hours.
  • Weatherproof. Your shipments and food are securely protected from the weather. Rubber seals prevent water from penetrating even on the rainiest days. In addition, we have tested Parcelsea box in different conditions in different seasons and today the operating temperature of our smart mailbox is -25C to + 60C!
  • Installation. The personal parcel box is very easy to install and we also help to do it with the rental model. If you have a locked garden or yard with a dog, then the mailbox should stay outside the garden on the street side. If accessibility and safety are guaranteed, the smart mailbox can also be placed in the yard as well as on a sloping surface. You can see different locations and installation examples on the homepage in the recent installations gallery.

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