Smart mailbox usage

How to use Parcelsea smart mailbox?

1. Shop at any online store! In the case of a personal parcel box, it does not matter where and what you shop – it can be groceries (since the smart mailbox also has a thermal box), clothes, electronics and so on. The main thing is that the package should fit and that you will order it to your home!

Epood pakiautomaat

2. Order a package to your home – all courier companies are suitable! The only prerequisite for delivery to a smart mailbox is that you order the package home by courier – they can be couriers of any firm because they can all use it! How? Since Parcelsea smart mailbox is an open solution, which means that the modules are open unless they have a package inside. See the next point for more details.

Isiklik pakiautomaat saadetis

3. The smart mailbox has an open solution, i.e. all 3 cells are open while they are empty. They are accessible to everyone – including a friend who wants to return the borrowed thing or a neighbor who wants to leave delicious delicacies as a surprise! All you have to do is open a particular box of the smart mailbox (XS, M, L or L cell thermal box) and put the package in.

Avatud lahendus nutipostkast

4. The cell locks with a click! In order for the package to be safely in the box, it is necessary to press on the lid of the box to make it “click”. Thus, this specific cell is no longer open and this cell remains closed. Other boxes are open for other packages!

Nutipostkast lukustumine

5. The master user of the smart mailbox receives an SMS notification. When the “click” occurs, the smart mailbox sends a notification to the master user’s phone that the parcel has arrived in the parcel box. 

SMS teavitus isiklik pakiautomaat

6. The locked cell can be opened with a PIN code as well as via SMS. There is a PIN pad on the smart mailbox, which can be used to unlock locked cells for anyone who knows the code. The master user phone can also open the smart mailbox via SMS, for this you need to write in the message “Open” – therefore, it is possible to open the locked cells remotely (in case if all cells are closed, but you have one more package coming).

PINkood erapakiautomaat

7. Take the shipment(s) out of the box and leave the box open! Now you just have to leave the cell covers slightly open – thus, don’t press too hard on it to “click”. Close the smart mailbox and go enjoy your purchase!

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You can buyout or rent a smart mailbox for yourself on a monthly basis – place your order here!