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You can now send packages via the Parcelsea smart mailbox!

This means that we have constructed the technology of the personal parcel box so that all the parcels you want to send (back), reach their destination safely. And that without even you being home! How to do it?

For instance, have you ordered shoes from the eshop that didn’t fit well? Now you can put your shoes into the smart mailbox in front of your home, send the code to the courier and go to work or to the beach in peace. Waiting for a courier to arrive at an unknown time is a thing of the past.

The sending system is already used by a chain of SOL laundries – the owner of a smart mailbox can leave the laundry to be cleaned directly in front of the door, and pick it up right there, when its clean. The transportation will be provided by the laundry firm and a time-consuming ride to the mall is canceled for the smart mailbox owner.

The network of partners is constantly expanding. Parcelsea works with various firms so that they would know the possibilities of the smart mailbox and to make the service work smoothly and conveniently for the customer. However, the smart mailbox is not just for couriers – the unlock code can be left for anyone who needs it.

For example, if a friend wants to borrow a tent from you, but you doesn’t have time to hand it over? Leave the tent locked inside of the smart mailbox, drive on holiday and let either the courier or a friend pick up the shipment!

So how exactly does sending parcels work?

Ordering courier home

The basis for sending parcels is choosing the “Order courier” service of the courier company. Therefore, you must find a courier company that offers the option of ordering a courier home. Then you need to fill in the courier service order form and specify the existence of a smart mailbox, as well as give the courier the PIN code of the box from which the parcel to be sent can be received.

However, it is a different case if you want to return the package – often the e-shop sends the courier to pickup the returnable package for free! Don’t forget to look into it, when you’re shopping!

PIN code to the courier?

Yes! Before entering the parcel in the box, a unique code must be put to the box, which will be used to receive the shipment from the box. This is a different code from the master code, which can otherwise be used to open cells. This is confirmed by the message, so there is no risk of an unauthorized person locking the smart mailbox without the owner’s knowing.

Example message: “Sending parcel from box: L. Pin code: 1111”

When a courier or friend arrives, he or she can open this box with the same code and deliver the package to the destination. The owner will also receive an SMS if the courier has used a 4-digit PIN code

Example message: “Courier has taken parcel from box: L”

The parcel sending feature costs the owner €2.99 a month and this can be bought together with the smart mailbox and as well can be added later.

So, if you want to receive and send all parcels from your home without being at home, order your own private parcel box here!