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3 signs that you should order a Parcelsea smart mailbox today!

1. Christmas is coming!

This in turn means it’s time to make gifts again! We traditionally take steps into the depths of shopping malls, but is it wise to spend hours in crowded places right now?

Rather, order all your Christmas goods online – it is contactless, often cheaper and the selection of gifts is also larger in e-shops! In addition, there is no room for emotional shopping in an online shop and you will find the necessary gifts faster!

It is also a useful tip to order parcels to home by courier, as this will allow the parcels to arrive faster (see the next point for a reason). And so that you don’t have to wait for a courier at home, a smart mailbox will accept all your parcels by itself. Even more than three packages a day, not to mention groceries!

2. Parcel machines are overwhelmed!

November as well as December is the high season for the parcel business! Already last year’s Christmas broke the record order of parcels, and this Christmas season is not expected to differ. This in turn means that parcel machines are overloaded and waiting times to receive a parcel can easily extend beyond Christmas Eve. That way, you will finally find yourself running around the mall on December 22, because you have been waiting for a message about the arrival of the parcel until the last minute.

So it is safer to order parcels to home by courier and moreover, it is even more convenient to receive them from the smart mailbox in front of your home garden! This way you don’t have to give the courier your valuable time and be constantly on guard!

3. When ordering in November, the smart mailbox is free for 3 months!

We will help you win both, the time and money, during the fastest season of parcel ordering – by ordering a smart mailbox within the next 12 days, you are getting a smart mailbox for several months for free! In addition to the free monthly fee, you will also save time at Christmas shopping and can forget the times you were supposed to wait for a courier.

So, give your family a peaceful Christmas and order your Parcelsea smart mailbox here ⬇️