parcelsea smart mailbox haapsalu

In Haapsalu letters to Santa Claus are delivered via Parcelsea smart mailbox

Starting last week, the Haapsalu Santa’s house received a new addition in the form of a Parcelsea smart mailbox, which allows anyone to deliver a letter to Santa Claus.

According to the deputy mayor of Haapsalu, Tõnu Parbus, this year’s Santa Claus house did not have a place to attach a regular mailbox, so Parcelsea smart mailbox helped to solve the problem. According to the deputy mayor, alternative solution was badly needed to deliver the letters. “The children stuffed the letters under the door of Santa’s house already,” said Parbus.

“Parcelsea’s mission is to break the boundaries of last mile delivery, where it’s a home delivered package or a letter to Santa Claus. In the form of the city of Haapsalu, it can be seen that during the busy Christmas season, comfort and efficiency are thought of at the same time, so the collected letters reach the North Pole quickly and safely. Santa Claus himself is flattered by Parcelsea – the growing number of good children has increased the amount of presents delivered to them and personal smart mailboxes help to deliver the presents just in time. This is why the smart mailboxes are needed in front of the houses, so that Christmas presents and the presents earned by the children can be delivered on time, ”commented Andres Sampka, the founder and CEO of Parcelsea.

Every weekend, different activities take place at the Haapsalu Santa’s House for both young and old, in the form of various performances, games and entertainment. On weekends, Santa’s elves fill the sections of the smart mailbox with tasty treats, which children can redeem as a reward for diferent activities and games.

By the way, if you feel like taking your christmas-parcel-management to a new level, then now is your time! In december you can get your Parcelsea smart mailbox 20€ cheaper