Parcelsea smart mailbox helps a small business to deliver Ukrainian art goods to the customer quickly and conveniently!

Parcelsea smart mailbox helps a small business to deliver Ukrainian art goods to the customer quickly and conveniently!

One of many, for example, is a Magic Attic e-shop, which, in addition to the aforementioned parties, also helps Ukrainians. Specifically, the small company launches products of the Ukrainian hobby brand Fabrika Decoru. They offer Estonian customers a wide range of high-quality scrapbooking, paper art, and mixed media products. Maria herself is a mixed media artist, paper artist, scrapbooker, trainer, and art conservator.

By the way, Fabrika Decoru, Ukraine’s largest manufacturer of scrapbooking, paper art, and modern art tools, was produced in Kyiv. This brand was established in 2013 and is already well known in its field both in Ukraine and throughout Europe.

How do you use the Parcelsea smart mailbox in your company?


“We don’t have a real store, we mostly send orders to customers by courier. But there are always people who want to pick up their orders themselves. We will gladly allow them to do so. Sometimes it happens that the customer needs our products immediately on the day of ordering. Therefore, we use the Parcelsea smart mailbox to issue such orders. In addition, with using self-pickup, customers can save on shipping costs,” says Maria Lillepruun.

The Parcelsea mailbox is installed next to the warehouse of the Magic Attic e-store, which is also easily accessible by car. If the customer places an order and selects “I will pick it up myself” as the delivery method, the e-shop employee will pack the desired products and leave them in the mailbox for the time agreed with the customer. This way, the customer can pick up the goods at the desired time and get them from the smart mailbox with the code provided by the e-store. Even at night!

“It is also convenient for us because our employee does not have to wait for customers on-site. In addition, orders are delivered contactless, ”adds Maria.

You can also receive parcels sent to the company via the smart mailbox, which is often welcomed by couriers. “Every time a courier calls us and asks, ‘Are you home?’ and gets the answer, “Leave the parcel in Parcelsea’s mailbox,” he replies in a cheerful voice, “Okay, let’s do this!” And everything works great.” delights Lillepruun.

Fabrika Decoru’s situation now

As of right now, the production of Fabrika Decor is, of course, on hold. Maria is in contact with the owners. “Some of the company’s employees are still at home in Kyiv, and some employees have also fled the city. Nobody really knows what will happen next, is there anything or anyone left after the war…”

However, just before the war, Magic Attic miraculously managed to bring a lot of new goods to Estonia, which they still sell in their e-shop at the same pleasant prices. “Unfortunately, in this situation, we do not know at all whether we will ever get new goods and how our business will continue,” says Maria.

All Magic Attic’s customers have been supporting the Ukrainians for years, and they will be able to do so now and hopefully in the future – if Fabrika Decoru can ever continue its production in Kyiv, the Flower Browns will be able to buy back their products and bring them to Estonian artists and craftsmen. “Estonia and the other Baltic countries are a very important market for the brand!” they confirm.

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