Parcelsea laundry service – the experience is shared by the mother of a family of 5!

The laundry service received special attention from families, where there could be as many as 5 bedding sets to wash and iron every week! One of them was the family of our partner Helen Raju, who has one son and two daughters.

We asked her how the pilot project of the Parcelsea laundry service went for them and why using such a service is a great help to the family! ⬇️

Why did you order the Parcelsea laundry service?

I ordered the laundry service mainly to save time and let’s be honest – it’s very convenient if all the work is done for you. There are 5 members in our family and even just changing the bed linen takes a pretty decent amount of my time. Besides, I do not iron the bed sheets at all. If I had to iron the bedsheets as well, then washing, drying, ironing, and folding the bed linen would steal my whole day! So, in general, my bedding has just gone straight from drying to the closet (not to mention how hard it is to fold fitted bed sheets and how would they look like in my closet).


How many bedding sets fit in the laundry bag?

At first, just for the sake of interest, I used up every cm of space when I put the bed linen in the laundry bag. In total, about 7 sets of bed linen went there and I could add a few more pillowcases and sheets.


Did ordering Parcelsea laundry change anything for you?

The biggest change was the time that I saved, but the even bigger change was that I now have nicely ironed bed linen in the closet – it’s so good to look at! Since folding fitted bed linen is especially hard for me, then most of the time there have been balls of bed sheets just squashed in the closet, but that’s not the case anymore!


How do you rate the quality of the laundry service?

The more neutral the detergent the better. I have no desire to go to bed that smells like the detergent, so I prefer odorless detergents and I was extremely pleased that the laundry has also used it. Although, since my son has constant nosebleeds, even at night, the bedding has bloodstains that I haven’t gotten out of. Hopes were high in this regard, but unfortunately, these stains have been very stubborn and may have been there for too long for the laundry to remove them. But otherwise, super. As said – the fitted bed sheets are nicely folded and I can’t get over that!

Would you recommend the laundry service to a friend as well?

Yes, I told my friend about this service, who said she needs it too! My friend is the mother of three children, she is responsible for the whole household alone, moreover, she also runs her own business. Therefore, saving time is really necessary for her to be able to manage it all.

By the way, 91% of the customers who participated in the pilot of the laundry service would also recommend the service to their friend. Read more here.

Thank you for doing what you do! The ability to have a mailbox with this feature is very enjoyable. Adding a variety of service options makes life very comfortable.

See what Raju family is doing on Instagram too!

Laundry service is expanding!

Thanks to the positive response and the successful trial period, we are expanding the laundry service further – in July the service will be available to all Tartu residents, as well as to families who do not have a smart mailbox in front of the house. The product range is also expanding, in July we will also wash and iron towels, and in the following months, we will add jackets, shirts, pants, and other necessary things too! Keep an eye on us and don’t miss a great opportunity!

Read more about the laundry service here.

In July you can get the Parcelsea bed linen laundry service half as cheap – for 19/€! Order the service from the customer environment or together with a smart mailbox here.