What is Parcelsea Laundry Service?

How does the Parcelsea laundry service work?

In February, we launched a trial period of the laundry service for washing and ironing bed linen to the residents of Harjumaa. During the 3-month trial period alone, the smart mailbox washed and ironed the bedding of hundreds of family members, saving valuable hours in every household.

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By now, the laundry service is also available in Tartu County, and customers in both counties can send us towels as well as bed sheets!

Step by step, the process looks like this:

  1. The customer orders a laundry service.
  2. Parcelsea sends moisture- and dust-proof laundry bag to the customer’s smart mailbox. The laundry bag can fit 5-6 family members’ bed linen.
  3. The day before the laundry pick-up, the customer receives an SMS reminder about the pick-up that will take place the next day.
  4. On the first Monday of each month, a laundry bag filled with dirty laundry is picked up from the customer’s Parcelsea smart mailbox.
  5. In just a few days, the clean and ironed laundry is back in the smart mailbox.

By the way, each customer’s bed linen is washed separately and washing is done with natural and odorless Estonian washing powder or washing gel.

Where did the idea for the laundry service come from?


Parcelsea’s great mission has always been to save people time. As a result, there was a discussion about what are the household chores, which are often time-consuming and also annoying for us. Based on these, we conducted a survey and received an overwhelming request from our customers to receive a dry cleaning service through us.

While researching, we also learned that washing laundry is actually one of the most time-consuming activities in the household. Doing laundry on average steals one full working day from us every month. In a year, it will make a total of almost half a month, so instead of washing our laundry, we could spend it on a holiday trip, for example. So why not let a smart housekeeper do your laundry for you!

A regular laundry service may also introduce a more frequent linen change. One of the first questions in developing the service was how often the laundry should be picked up. When discussing with each other and asking for feedback from customers, the answers were very different. However, changing bed linen is so closely related to hygiene – a specific day of washing would contribute to good hygiene.

What will Parcelsea’s laundry service look like in the future?

Parcelsea laundry service will be an additional service of a smart private parcel machine, which all owners of smart mailboxes across Estonia can order in the second half of the year. The laundry service will include the washing of other products – you can leave your family’s winter jackets, towels, shirts, pants, and everything else that is more difficult to wash at home to us!

In addition to the laundry service, we will also integrate other household chore services into the smart mailbox, which will save customers even more time! For example, broken shoes, a faulty computer, or a shirt that needs to be sewn can also be fixed between the walls of a smart mailbox.

Do you live in Harju or Tartu County and also want to try the Parcelsea washing service? ⬇️

In July, you can order a laundry service on the ParcelSea customer portal for €19! Don’t you worry about washing bed linen or ironing for the whole family anymore!

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