The hassle-free laundry and dry-cleaning courier service

Leave your dirty laundry in a Parcelsea smart laundry box – returned clean in five working days. Just for 5€ monthly subscription.

1x month

29,00  / Monat

Laundry service for bed sheets and towels

Picked up on first Monday of the month

Returned on the same week Friday

Fits about 5 family members bed sheets and towels

2x month

55,90  / Monat

Laundry service for bed sheets and towels

Picked up on first and third Monday of the month

Returned on the same week Friday

Fits about 5 family members bed sheets and towels

How the laundry and dry cleaning service works

The price of each wash depends on the laundry items and your subscription package. 

Subscribe to the suitable laundry service
Place a laundry order in the customer admin panel
Put the laundry in the provided bag and leave them in the laundry box
You’ll receive a notification as soon as clean laundry is returned


Bed linen, towels, clothes and coats – we clean it all. The only thing you need to do is place the items in the bag and place the order.



The monthly fee includes transportation. If you have ordered the on-demand laundry service, we will send you a detailed invoice with item breakdown with each time the laundry has been done. For details please see the pricelist.



With Parcelsea's laundry service, you can leave the washing and drying to others, saving valuable time that you can devote to more enjoyable activities.



You can order a laundry service any day of the week - we'll get your clean laundry back to you within five working days.

Unser Paketkasten bietet für Sie einen Wäscheservice

Ready to get started? Order the laundry service now



You only pay for what you wash - transportation is included in the monthly subscription price.

Item Price
Cardigan 7€
Dress 12€
Evening gown 18€
Parka 20€
Blazer 8€
Jumpsuit 18€
Skirt 7€
Down jacket 15€
Down coat 18€
Down pillow 10€
Down blanket 18€
Shirt 5€
Winter jacket 13€
Winter coat 15€
Pillow 8€
Blanket 12€
Pants 7€
Bed sheets and towels 4.5€/kg
Mixed laundry 4.5€/kg
Work clothes 5€/kg

Häufig gestellte Fragen

Parcelsea laundry bag fits ca 5 family member’s bed sheets and towels.

You can put anything you can fit in the bag as part of the laundry service you order, but please note that if the bag is too full, we cannot guarantee that the items will be returned to you wrinkle-free.

The price of washing different items of clothing varies. Please see our price list for the different types of items.

As often as you like, but please keep in mind you must have an laundry bag given by us to place an order.

We do have processes in place with our own partners to reduce the messing up of laundry to close to zero, but with the high volumes there is a small chance that a mistake will slip through. In such cases, we always agree with the customer how to resolve the situation. We always approach all problems on a personalised basis.

You can let us know at least 24 hours before pick-up, so we can organise everything so that service planned for you will not take place.

  • Place the order for the on-demand laundry service – the monthly subscription fee is 5€.
  • Log into the customer platform on our website, clicking on the icon in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Navigate to the Dashboard
  • Select Order Laundry Pickup
  • You’ll be charged 12€ as the minimum laundry fee – once the laundry is completed, we will charge the rest of the fee and send you an itemized invoice for all the items that were cleaned.
  • Once you have placed the order we will get an e-mail about it. We will pick up your laundry bag asap, but not later than 24h. We will not pick up laundry bags on weekends and national holidays.
  • In the meantime prepare the laundry bag and put it in your smart mailbox in the L compartment and lock the lid. Our courier will have a special PIN to open only the L compartment. 
  • Now there’s nothing else left to do, but wait until washed and ironed laundry will be brought back to you.

You can add any item on our on-demand price list to the laundry bag, including individual items like shirts and blouses, jackets, trousers, bed linen and towels. Please see our itemized price list. It’s important to not fill the bags to the top – otherwise, the laundry may get wrinkled during transportation.

Throw the laundry and towels into the bag without folding them. Don’t mix damp items with dry ones – otherwise, color bleeding can happen.  

Don’t fill the laundry bags to the top – leave a little bit of extra space, so you can close the bag. Otherwise, you risk the laundry catching additional dirt during transportation

The same applies for the on-demand laundry service – if the bags are too full, the laundry may get wrinkled during transportation.


We recommend you take the thermo box out of the L section before adding the laundry bag to the section. This way it is sure the box will fit nicely. Also please do the same on the day laundry will be returned. This way you make sure the box will close after the bag is added to the L section and avoid possible damage from e.g. weather.