Parcelsea smart mailbox Prototron TOP 30

Prototron TOP30, preorders and more

Parcelsea smart mailbox made it to TOP30 in Prototron program! What’s next? As we have now attended many different daily workshops and webinars we are moving further to the next phase of Prototron – one-to-one mentoring sessions followed by pitch training. We are working hard to make it to the next phase.

While attending Prototron we have started to validate our concept more publicly. In the end of 2020 (30.12 to be precise) we started collecting preorders for the next production patch. We launched our social media pages (by the way feel free to follow us on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram) and started our pre-order advertising campaign on social media. We are focusing on collecting pre-orders, testing different visuals, and messages, and collecting public feedback on our product. We are overwhelmed by the feedback and interest we have got – as of today we already doubled the number of preorders collected in the early days of Parcelsea back in autumn. If you want to be among the next patch of people receiving their smart mailbox, then pre-order yours today.

As some of you probably noticed – Parcelsea managed to get lots of public attention at the beginning of January. Everything started with an exclusive interview with Geenius and Restart Podcast hosted by Henrik Roonemaa and Taavi Kotka. And we couldn’t believe what happened next. There was an article about Parcelsea in almost every bigger online publisher in Estonia – Delfi, Postimees, Äripäev, FoundME and On top of that there was an article in Äripäev newspaper, Invest in Estonia published an article about us to foreign investors and we even attended radio show by Äripäev.

And by the way! Already in the end of this week the first happy customers are receiving their own Parcelsea smart mailboxes! We will install the first 20 already in January and start producing preordered smart mailboxes already in February. Stay tuned!