Parcelsea home smart mailbox

The first commercial batch of Parcelsea smart mailboxes is in production!

Parcelsea smart mailbox has now lived in different families, seen different situations and experienced almost all weather conditions: thunder, wind, (ice)rain and heavy cold. As a result of the testing period, the smart mailbox will have the following upgrades: 

  • New location for the regular mailbox: a mailbox opening has been added to the outside of the smart mailbox, allowing the postman to deliver regular mail without having to open the outer lid. 
  • Larger “L” section: we moved the PIN-pad on the lid of the “XS” section which increases the “L” section.
  • Adjustable bottom frame: the smart mailbox has now an adjustable bottom frame that allows it to be mounted on sloping surfaces.
  • Extra comfort and safety: the „L“ and „M“ section lids will be locked in the open position by magnets that allow the sections to be used without having to support the lids. 
  • Extra moisture and dust resistance: we installed additional seals on the smart mailbox to prevent moisture and dust from entering the sections. 

While in the meantime, it seemed that the poor global logistics situation, metal shortages and a recent wrong turn in the Suez Canal will have a significant impact on the production process of our smart mailboxes. Fortunately the situation is not so dramatic. The first batch is in production, and at the end of April we will start installing the first commercial batch of Parcelsea smart mailboxes.