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10 useful smart home gadgets that make your home even smarter

Personal robot cleaner, dishwasher, private trainer, babysitter, entertainment center, and a personal shopper. It’s something that on the one hand, is a prediction that has not yet been fulfilled, but on the other hand, is the future that has already reached the ordinary household.

Some people still think that a “robot” is something like a Terminator or Star Wars character. We think that robots exist to help people, not to replace them. It seems to us that faith in the supernatural is gradually being replaced by faith in science and technology. 

And also balanced flexible use of time, where work and training can be done, the home is tidy and secure, and the time of both children and adults is reasonably furnished. This is a world where you can work, study, play sports, and shop without leaving home. And a world where you can go out with friends or family instead of standing in line.

Here are 10 useful smart home gadgets that make your home even smarter! 

Warning! Many of these things cost less than a new iPhone. And the monthly fee, for one thing, is even cheaper than 10 euros.



robot vacuum

Robot vacuum cleaners have been on the market for about twenty years and are becoming more and more smarter. Newer ones can be controlled from a smartphone or with voice recognition. Today’s laser technologies map floor constructions so that the robot can also clean the corners as accurately and thoroughly as possible.


The robotic lawnmower is a slightly newer phenomenon in homes, but it can be seen that electric lawnmowers are conquering the market faster than expected. Here, too, there is constant innovation. The latest equipment allows you to mow lawns of different lengths and can also successfully handle hills and slopes.



drone smart home

Commercial and professional drones perform important functions where it is costly or dangerous for humans to access. They are used in many fields of activity, from sports photography to science, research, military missions, medical purposes and search and rescue.

In households, drones still have predominantly entertaining and photographic uses. For both children and adults, drones are fun toys that are flown as a hobby. However, it cannot be said that unmanned aircraft have no practical application at home.



Today, drones are also wireless security cameras that fly around the home to give the owner an overview of every room when he is not at home. When the ring is complete, the drone returns to the dock to charge the battery. The idea is to offer multiple points of view throughout the home without purchasing, installing, and maintaining multiple security cameras.



Today, a variety of smart thermostats and smart heating solutions are available on the market. From the phone, the user sets a heating schedule to suit his daily life and routine, so that the home is warm and cozy when the family arrives home, but saves costs at night, on unused premises, or when no one is at home.


Remember Tamagotchi?

Remember, right. It was a popular game in the late ’90s, early 2000s, which involved raising and caring for an electronic pet.

Much of the technology is short-lived madness or shark. Even in the case of the toy robot boom, most of the uses have not materialized or have not maintained growth for a long time.


smart home

However, many teachers and parents believe that drones are not just a fad and are a fun and motivating tool for learning, especially for science and science. In addition, a drone requires precision to fly, and it trains both motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Lower prices for non-registered drones start at a few tens of euros. Why not offer children an active opportunity to practice their hands and ignite interest in technology?

Already today, and even more so shortly, is the ability to communicate with robots at least as useful as the ability to communicate with people.



Today, many people who used to work in the office also work more and more from home, and more attention is paid to the cleanliness of the air at home.

A state-of-the-art air purifier uses sensors to determine the level of air quality. If the situation needs to be resolved, it will take immediate action.

The air purifier fights viruses, bacteria, unpleasant odors, and dust and also makes mold spores, pollen, cigarette smoke, chemicals from glue and varnish, other building materials, or pet allergens largely safe.



smart mailbox smart home

For many people, online shopping is one of the best inventions. What a pleasure to get a pack! But what an annoyance if the courier went just when you weren’t home!

E-commerce continues to grow rapidly, technological innovation enables new solutions and consumers are rapidly becoming accustomed to innovative delivery methods. Our smart mailbox is a personal parcel machine, which can be used to order and send parcels and groceries home by courier even when you are not at home. Users can monitor and control the arrival of packages from their smartphones, and the next smart features and capabilities will definitely be added soon.



When the gyms were closed due to Covid-19, people started investing in home exercise equipment.

The smart indoor bikes have a touch screen with which you can stream workouts or connect to another application. The main selling point of Peloton, which is less common in Estonia but very popular behind the ocean, is interactivity.

The user has access to a large number of pre-recorded and real-time group training with various coaches, who also instruct and motivate them to give the latter at home. That way, you don’t have to look at the clock all the time to end this effort. For many users, different metrics and competitive torque with other home trainers are motivating.


For those trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass, the smart weight helps to monitor progress over time and maintain motivation. Smart scales are connected to a smartphone and monitor, in addition to body weight, various measures such as BMI, body fat percentage, body water percentage, heart rate, muscle mass, protein levels in the body, and so on.

Where to next?

Our everyday world is already filled with robots. What’s next? The smart grid’s direction: modern technologies gradually connect people and machines into one big smart grid.

Let’s make our robot vacuum cleaners talk and sing too! And if we equip them with video cameras, they can also act as security guards. You can probably use your own software to select or write your own unique applications to add new features to your home robots.

We believe that innovation does not always have to mean a revolutionary idea that turns the whole sector upside down. Innovation can also be a cleverly thought-out new feature – like one small nut that makes a good product even better.

We are only at the beginning of this exciting journey into the future. Want to join? Order your ParcelSea smart mailbox from here!