sell your old mailbox

Sell us your old mailbox!

We will buy your mailbox for 20 euros!

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This means that if you start ordering a smart mailbox in December, you will get an installation for 20€ cheaper, so for 29€! To do this, you need to go to our order page and choose the additional service “December campaign” instead of the usual installation, where the installation price of 29€ applies. And it’s done! Now all you have to do is wait for the installation.

But what about your mailbox?

You can decide for yourself – we will buy your mailbox, but you have the right to decide! You can take it to a waste station or make something new from it. Or why not a Christmas present for some colleagues, you know those lotions of the company’s Christmas gifts …

Why do you need a smart mailbox instead of a regular mailbox?

Because everything in the world is moving towards faster and more convenient solutions that save you time. The mailbox dates back to a time when the telephone was not invented and has remained unchanged. However, paper-based letters and publications are becoming increasingly unpopular, and shipments and rather larger parcels that parcel vending machines can no longer handle are more and more popular.

That’s why a smart mailbox is a must-have smart device for a new modern and future home! The Parcelsea smart mailbox accepts 3 different sized packages per day and up to 5 food bags. At the same time, packages can also be returned or sent via the smart mailbox

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When you buy online and order to Parcelsea smart mailbox, you win both in time and money. In addition, the smart mailbox will play other roles in the future – for example, think about how it opens your gate as you arrive by your car or sends the sheets  to the laundry every week and back!

Discard your old mailbox and take a step closer to a more comfortable life – order a smart mailbox!

Still don’t know if you should order? Then look at 10 reasons, why you should own Parcelsea smart mailbox!