95% of Parcelsea users would recommend a smart mailbox to a friend!

A year ago, when we came up with smart mailbox prototypes to quickly solve the problem of waiting for a courier, we started collecting feedback from test customers about what our first market product should be like. Thanks to the agile testing crew, already in May, we were able to enter the market with the developed version of the Parcelsea smart mailbox.

This same smart mailbox is now helping people in 3 different countries by being in front of hundreds of homes. But it’s time to design a second-generation product!

Therefore, it is extremely important for us to know how hundreds of users are satisfied with their smart mailbox and what we should keep in mind when designing a new one. So, we sent a survey to the owners of the smart mailbox and are thrilled by the answers – take a look at the statistics that the Parcelsea users community gave us. ⬇️

Most Parcelsea users were motivated to order our product because of the open solution

One of the advantages of Parcelsea’s smart mailbox is the open solution feature – all courier companies and, if necessary, a neighbor or a friend, have access to the smart mailbox. This means that all three boxes are unlocked if they do not have packages inside. After inserting the package into the box, the lid must be closed with a click and the package will wait safely in the weatherproof box until the owner arrives.

Also, the Parcelsea home parcel machine does not require the use of an application, as everything is done via SMS (notifications about the arrival of parcels, remote opening, change of PIN code, etc.). It has also been approved by users and couriers.

In addition to the open solution, beautiful design and innovation, which makes daily activities easier, were also considered important. For one respondent, soaking wet magazines in the old mailbox was enough motivation to exchange the old one for the smarter one!

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More than half of the users of the smart mailbox have already noticed a big-time save

When researching the change in daily life and ordering routines after installing a private parcel machine, several users found that they have more time now. They also order more from the e-shops, and when doing so, they do not have to:

  • wait nor communicate with the courier;
  • plan their time according to couriers;
  • or generally worry about whether the ordered goods will still be delivered on time.

Small wins were also noted. For example, while living in the countryside, so much landscaping has been left nicer, because couriers no longer have to drive in front of the house with a van, but can leave a parcel to the smart mailbox at the end of the road. Also, due to this solution, many owners of the smart mailbox do not have to leash the dog when the courier arrives. We also received praise from the business customer – their customers can pick up their packages at any time and do not have to plan their time according to the office’s opening hours.

95% of respondents would also recommend a smart mailbox to a friend

The product-based scale questions were always answered with “Like” or “Like it very much” answers, which is very good feedback for us as a very young company and product. Clients were also able to constructively point out exciting developments that we can add to the current features of the smart mailbox. It was remarkable for us that 95% of smart mailbox users would recommend the current Parcelsea product to a friend!

So, for our part, we promise that development won’t end and that Parcelsea’s first-generation smart mailbox will be even smarter by the end of the year!

If you want to give us feedback, feel free to write to us:

Also, you can order a Parcelsea smart mailbox here!