parcelsea laundry service

91% of Parcelsea laundry service users would recommend the service to their friends

Almost every company, solution or product constantly emphasizes that maintaining high customer satisfaction is the key to their success. And they are absolutely right! Ultimately, customer satisfaction reflects customer value, which allows the company’s services to expand and become even more popular.

We considered customer feedback to be the most important part of the launch of Parcelsea’s laundry service – that’s why we first opened the service only in Harju County at first among with selected test clients. You can read more about the service here!

The feedback from the customers of the laundry service determines for us whether we can expand further with the service, both in terms of service area and service itself (in the future, jackets, towels, trousers, etc. could be sent to the laundry all over Estonia). Also, since it is a laundry service that is directly related to hygiene, customer satisfaction cannot be good on average, it must be excellent. This perception made the first responses to the satisfaction survey particularly critical for us.

What do the participants in the Parcelsea laundry pilot project think about the service?

The main reason why the service was considered important and ordered was saving time, which was considered important by 83% of the respondents. 66% of respondents do not like ironing bed sheets at home and prefer to get them back clean and ironed using the Parcelsea laundry service.

83% of laundry testers rated the quality of washed and ironed bed linen as very good and 11% as good. Seeing the quality and comfort of the laundry service, the responders also gave a clear signal of interest in washing other items of clothing – 77% of people would like to wash jackets, coats, t-shirts and rugs in the future with the Parcelsea laundry service. We are working today to expand the laundry service to those products in the future.

What has changed for people using the laundry service? 78% of respondents mentioned that a lot of time was saved and 22% said that changing the bedlinen became much more regular for them. 66% of the respondents appreciated the cleanliness and quality of the bed linen, many people do not iron the bed linen themselves and drying them can be a headache: “I really liked the convenience of the whole service. The bed linen were ironed and folded properly, all you have to do is put them in your closet. When I used dryer to dry the bed linen at home, they were still wrinkled and folding large sheets was inconvenient on my own. What a time saver!”, replied one of our service testers.

91% of our laundry testers will continue to use the service and would recommend it to a friend. We also asked the testers to rate the laundry service on a general 10-point scale, and 81% answered with a score of “10”, 5% with a score of “9” and 14% with a score of “8”.

How does Parcelsea Laundry Service customer satisfaction compare to other global services?

In addition to the questionnaire, we used a method called Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is also used by many global companies, to measure the customer experience more objectively.

The basic idea of ​​NPS is to ask the customer to rate the service experience on a scale of 0 (very bad) to 10 (excellent). The percentage of all those who answered 0-6 negative, 7-8 neutral and only 9-10 positive is then combined. The system is extremely harsh on negative feedback and therefore a positive result can already be considered an extremely good result. Theoretically, the NPS value can be between -100 and +100.

Here’s an example of the NPS of a familiar company:

  • Starbucks 77
  • Netflix 51
  • Amazon 47
  • AirBnB 38
  • Google 11
  • Facebook -21
  • Parcelsea Laundry Service 81

When we decided to offer our customers laundry service for the first time, we knew from previous surveys that there was a demand. The next step was to create a service that would meet the expectations of our customers and ensure a smooth and pleasant user experience. And the service met the expectations, because as a result of the survey we got an amazing 81 NPS! We can promise that our laundry service is a high-quality, fast and convenient additional service. And we would like to thank all the participants in the pilot project who shared their valuable feedback with us. Thank you!

What’s next?

We do our best to ensure that all Parcelsea smart mailbox users who are waiting for the same service in their home area can be part of the same quality laundry service. Today, the laundry service is still available in Harju County, but we will soon expand it all over Estonia. In addition to the bed linen laundry service, we are also introducing other homework-related services that will save you valuable time so that you can do more that is important to you.

If you live in Harju or Tartu County and also want to try the Parcelsea laundry service, you can order it for half price in July! Order the laundry service on our website and already on the first Monday of August, you don’t have to worry about washing or ironing the bed sheets of the whole family! We will do it for you!