10 reasons to try Parcelsea laundry service

Although almost every household today has a washing machine, but still a large part of this housework is manual work: sorting the laundry, choosing the program and detergents, putting them in the dryer or on the drying rack, collecting them, ironing them, folding them. The bigger the family, the more likely it is that laundry-related chores need to be done every day. In addition, there are many questions and disagreements about washing, drying, and ironing bed linen. Some examples.

  • WASHING: what temperature and how often?

Some always wash their light linen at 90 degrees. Such a high temperature may not be necessary. If there are no animals in the family and no one is currently suffering from a viral disease, 40-degree water can be enough.

Bed linen is recommended to be washed every two to four weeks according to your habits and needs. Those who sweat a lot or are allergic to house dust could change their underwear weekly. In the summer months, everyone sweats more, and then it’s worth changing your clothes at least every two weeks. The same applies to those who sleep naked because parts of the body that would otherwise be covered by pajamas or a nightgown come into contact with the bedding. Families whose pets tend to bed should also be changed at least once every 2 weeks.

  • DRYING: dryer, indoors or outdoors?

Drying laundry indoors is said to cause high humidity and mold. Proponents of air drying praise this tactic for its environmental friendliness, cheapness, and freshness. In addition, white laundry can be easily bleached by UV light and will not turn gray.

However, those who do not have the option of drying outdoors, or who are unable to do so due to their schedule and weather, will have to accept rather wrinkled bedding coming out of the dryer. Of course, the result also depends on the materials and detergents. The fact is that there is no formula to get rid of dryness and dryness at home.

  • IRONING: necessity or luxury?

On Internet forums, the opinions of bed linen ironers and non-ironers differ. There are those who like ironing and those who consider it either a waste of time or the most boring housework in the world. According to some, it is an essential activity, for others, it is an unnecessary luxury.

You don’t have to worry about it when washing. There are large pressing machines that grip the bedding between heating plates or rollers all the way through so that all wrinkles are completely smoothed out.

Why use Parcelsea laundry service?

For those who prefer not to waste energy, personal time or electricity to investigate these issues and achieve the most optimal result, we have launched the Parcelsea laundry service.

Why do our customers use it?

Here are the 10 reasons with customer comments from the results of our pilot survey:

1. To save time

Laundry is one of the most time-consuming activities in the household, requiring an average of one full working day every month. After a year, it adds up to almost half a month. 78% of Parcelsea laundry service test group users mentioned that they saved a lot of time.

“What a time saver!”

“I have a large family and there are also many overnight guests. Sometimes he did nothing but wash and iron.”

2. To save money

Using a laundry service can also save you money. First of all, buying a washing machine and dryer is a significant expense. Second, electricity prices have become quite crispy.

3. To get the laundry clean with high quality

Anyone who has stayed in a hotel knows what a luxury it is to snuggle up between perfectly clean and straight sheets after a long tiring day. 66% of respondents to Parcelsea’s laundry service survey rated the cleanliness and quality of bed linen.

In addition to hotel quality, with the Parcelsea service, you can be sure that each customer’s bed linen is washed separately from the belongings of other families and businesses.

4. To live comfortably

“I really liked the convenience of the whole service. The bed linens were ironed and neatly folded, you just need to put them in the closet. When I dried them in the dryer myself at home, they still remained wrinkled, and folding the large bed sheets alone was uncomfortable.”

“Folding rubber bed sheets is a science in itself.”

5. To not spend time ironing

77.8% of respondents said they use the service because they like ironed bed sheets.

66% of respondents don’t like ironing bed sheets at home and prefer to get them back clean and ironed with Parcelsea’s laundry service. “I got away with ironing, which doesn’t suit my lower back”

6. To maintain freshness regularly

A regular laundry service helps to introduce a more frequent change of bed linen. 22% of respondents to Parcelsea’s laundry service survey mentioned that bed linen changes became much more regular for them.

7. That you don’t have to think about which program and tools to choose

Professionals always use the correct settings and high-quality detergents for washing machines and dryers. It also extends the life of sheets and towels.

8. To buy and use fewer household chemicals

Powder or capsules, stain remover, and fabric softener are needed for washing clothes. Many of these tools are not environmentally friendly. In our laundries, we use natural and fragrance-free washing powder or washing gel for allergy sufferers of Estonian origin.

9. To make your partner or family happy

16.7% of those who tried the laundry service said that they wanted to make their partner happy with the service. 11.1% dared to say that the family was happier after the Parcelsea laundry service.

10. To satisfy curiosity

As many as 27.8% of people in our test group tried the service out of curiosity. They wanted to know the difference between laundromat-washed and home-washed bed sheets. And the result? 91% of our laundry service testers continue to use the service and would also recommend it to a friend.

Are you also curious?

If you live in Harju or Tartu County and you also want to try Parcelsea’s laundry service, you can do it at half price in July! Order the Parcelsea laundry service and see for yourself.

“The only thing missing from the hotel experience is putting on bed linen. We really don’t plan to offer that. However, in the near future, it is planned to introduce other services related to laundry and other household chores in addition to the bed linen washing service. For example, soon broken shoes, a faulty computer or a shirt that needs sewing can also be healed between the walls of the smart mailbox,” says Parcelsea’s CEO Andres Sampka on the future of the laundry service.

PS! From July, it is possible to send all towels in addition to bed sheets to the laundromat!