Parcelsea acquires Cleveron’s network of private parcel machines

Parcelsea has acquired Cleveron’s network of private parcel lockers, with the aim of creating a single open standard for smart mailboxes, allowing box owners to use solutions from different parcel carriers with a range of additional services. The transaction will increase Parcelsea’s network of smart mailboxes to more than 1000 smart mailboxes in Estonia. For existing Cleveron smart mailbox owners, the change means that, at the customer’s request, a Cleveron product will be replaced by a Parcelsea smart mailbox. 

By merging the smart mailbox service, life will be more convenient for all current customers as well as for courier companies, as the larger network will allow for a faster development of the smart mailbox solution, and Parcelsea’s open solution can already be used by all courier companies and e-shops in Estonia. 

With a larger network, Parcelsea can test new services more efficiently. Only recently, Parcelsea started a partnership with Omniva, whereby smart mailbox owners can receive parcels in their smart mailbox at home at the price of a parcel terminal using Omniva’s service. 

All current Cleveron private parcel lockers will be replaced by Parcelsea smart mailboxes, which will also allow them to benefit from all Parcelsea’s additional services: home parcel delivery, parcel return and delivery, bed linen and single item laundering and future additional services at the regular parcel machine price with Omniva. 

According to Cleveron CEO Arti Kütti, the decision to sell the private parcel locker network was taken in connection with the focus on Cleveron’s core business of developing and selling parcel locker machines and robots to the world’s largest retail and logistics companies. “In 2021, we took a clear focus on developing last-mile technology for retail and logistics companies and growing our core business. In this context, we started by discontinuing all retail business lines:, and the home delivery business unit. I am delighted that we were a pioneer of innovation in private lockers in Estonia. I myself strongly believe in the future growth of home delivery, but this can only happen if the full focus of the company goes there. That is why we proposed to Parcelsea to take over Cleveron’s network of private parcel machines. We are also delighted that our customers will continue to benefit from the advantages of private parcel lockers and have access to a number of new Parcelsea services,” said Kütt.

Commenting on the acquisition, Andres Sampka, founder and CEO of Parcelsea, said: “Therefore, our opportunity is to offer more value to these customers through an open concept where all couriers can deliver to the smart mailbox. From a courier perspective, it is certainly easier to follow a single standard than to train staff to use several different products.” 

“We appreciate Cleveron’s work as a pioneer in private parcel machines and we are looking forward to continuing to develop new, convenient and, from the customer’s point of view, cheaper last mile services. Using a personal smart mailbox today emits 3-10 times less emissions than alternative options. This is something that the general public is not yet sufficiently aware of. For a smart postbox to reach every household, the cost of the last mile from the e-store to the customer must become cheaper for the merchant, the courier and the customer. This is what our team is working towards.”