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Notice: Parcelsea's parcel box network has been acquired by Omniva who will continue to serve both existing and new customers. You can purchase a Parcelsea parcel box on Omniva's website. Read more about the network acquisition in our blog.





12,90  / month

Receive packages safely

Package arrival notifications

Remote section opening



19,90  / month

Everything in Standard

Multi-user access with 5 additional users

You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription any time. Simple self-installation anywhere.

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Receives packages

Order and receive groceries, packages and ready-made food from any delivery company. The mailbox will accept the deliveries for you at any time of the day.


Sends packages

No more trips to the post office – leave all your returns, packages and outgoing mail in the smart mailbox where the courier can pick it up.


Safe deliveries

The locker can only be opened with a PIN code or an SMS text message, keeping the locker and its contents safe from theft after the lid is closed.​


Sends messages

You will receive a text message when a package has been delivered to Parcelsea.



The casing is waterproof and keeps the items inside safe from the elements. Working temperatures are between -25C/-13F and +60C/140F.

Frequently asked questions

Follow these few steps to have your parcels delivered to your personal smart mailbox with Omniva at the price of a parcel machine service.

  1. Register with Omniva’s self-service
  2. When ordering from an e-shop, select “1. preference/Parcelsea nutipostkast” (1. eelistus/Parcelsea nutipostkast ) as the delivery method from the drop-down menu for Omniva parcel machines in the checkout.
  3. Make sure the phone number you use when placing orders online matches the phone number in the Omniva self-service platform and at Parcelsea.
  • Parcels with a phone number that has not been forwarded to ParcelSea.
  • Parcels that exceed the maximum size of the boxes in the parcel box. 
  • Parcels with additional identification or payment services:
    • Document delivery
    • Delivery to a specific person
    • Delivery to an adult
    • Cash on delivery

It is currently not possible to select Parcelsea as a preference in My Omniva. However, it doesn’t matter which preference you have chosen or if you have chosen it, the parcels will still be sent to your smart parcel box based on your phone number.

Possibly the e-shop made a mistake with the delivery address. The “1. preference/Parcelsea nutipostkast” option is a new solution and we are constantly working to inform and guide our merchants.

Additionally, parcels with related additional service(s) will not be delivered to your smart parcel box.

Contact us at or 661 6616 with the information of the e-shop that is missing from the list. We will then contact the e-shop and ask them to add the delivery option.

Yes. You can set a unique PIN code to each locker, which enables you to safely leave your parcels with the courier even when you’re away from home. Read more about sending parcels through the smart mailbox here.

Parcelsea is an open solution and every courier (or even a neighbour) can leave a package in the smart mailbox. The cells are alway open for use if they don’t already have packages inside.

Yes. ParcelSea is made of steel and securely fastened to the ground using bolts. The cells are protected from rain and humidity – read the conditions under which we’ve tested ParcelSea. Only you have access to the packages with your unique code after a cell is locked. The courier only has access to empty boxes. If the smart mailbox already contains packages, it can only be accessed if the owner has unlocked it.

Technical information

The parcel locker comes fully functional out-of-the-box, and only needs minimal installation work. If you have a locked garden or a dog in the yard, the mailbox should remain in the street-side area of the garden. If accessibility and safety are guaranteed, smart mailbox can also be placed inside the yard.


472 mm x 530 mm x 526 mm


252 mm x 367 mm x 526 mm


252 mm x 120 mm x 390 mm


Regular mailbox


Weight 65kg


Total size: 800 mm x 600 mm x 850 mm