Building Your Own DIY Parcel Drop Box: A Good Idea?

When ordering parcels, you have a hard time as a working person. Often the only choice is between standing in line at the post office on Saturdays or hoping that once again the neighbor will be home to take your parcel. The modern solution to this problem is your own parcel drop box, which can be built yourself as a DIY version or conveniently purchased.

Package delivery boxes are available up to XXL size – whether self-built or purchased. But can the DIY variant keep up with a professional ready-made system? We took a closer look at the advantages and disadvantages. 

What You Need if You Want to Build Your Own DIY Parcel Drop Box

Building a DIY package drop box sounds tempting, especially since it may save you a lot of money. But how do you even begin such a project? First, let’s take a look at what you need. 

A Good Building Manual

A suitable construction manual is the be-all and end-all if you want to build your own DIY parcel drop box. To find one on the web, you first need to think about what requirements it needs to meet for your individual needs. 

These considerations can be helpful: 

  • Do you only order from time to time, or should the parcel box be large enough to receive several parcels at once? 
  • Do you only want to receive parcels or perhaps even be able to make returns?  
  • Should access to your parcel box be protected from third parties? 

The Two Types of Do-it-yourself Construction

In terms of the basic building principle, there are two different options available to you:

  1. Convert an existing box into a parcel box: This is the easier and more time-saving option. A suitable base can be, for example, an old wooden chest or a garden box. 
  1. Building a DIY package drop box from scratch: If no existing box meets the conditions of your desired box, you can also make it completely yourself, from the frame to the cladding to the personal design.  

Once you have decided, you can find suitable instructions on the internet.

Suitable Materials and the Right Tools 

What you need when shopping at the hardware store depends on the type of box you want to make. If you already have a wooden chest or something similar to build on, the construction of a simple parcel box is theoretically easy. Here, the integration of a lock is your main work. Combination locks are ideal. Then you do not have to give a key to every letter carrier right away, which is often not even possible. 

Using security screws to attach the lock is generally an excellent idea. However, keep in mind that you will usually need special tools to loosen them if necessary. Applying a wood stain is also important to ensure that your XXL mailbox can withstand wind and weather. 

If you decide to build your DIY package drop box yourself from scratch, this means that you first need to make the basic framework. For this purpose, wooden slats or metal profiles are needed. Then comes the cladding, for which it is best to use HPL panels. Then, to fix the lid, you will need hinges and, again, a combination lock. 


DIY projects are in vogue. In which point you should be honest with yourself, however, is to realistically assess your actual finger skill. It’s not uncommon for the enthusiasm of a do-it-yourself project to quickly come to an end when it doesn’t work out so easy after all.

But don’t let that bother you! Most of the people who offer corresponding instructions on the internet are actually gifted hobby craftsmen who carry out such projects regularly and have been doing so for years.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the DIY Package Delivery Box

As you can probably guess now, there are some advantages and disadvantages when it comes to a DIY parcel box. Let’s summarize them: 

Box can be customized according to size and appearance.Cost-effective, provided that the necessary tools are already available in the house.Time-consuming.Not cost-effective if certain tools have to be purchased first.Craftsmanship required for implementation.Limited security, as only a combination lock can be integrated.

Interim Conclusion: Is It a Good Idea to Build Your Own DIY Parcel Drop Box?

Most people who build their own DIY parcel drop box primarily want to save money. If you are a hobby craftsman and have a cordless screwdriver and saw in the house, the idea may initially work out.

How much time you have to invest in the construction of a homemade parcel box in total depends on your craftsmanship. One thing to consider in any case is the time needed, especially when building a box from scratch. A big plus point is of course that you can work out your parcel box completely according to your own ideas and wishes. However, the conditional security aspect with a combination lock must be enough for you.

Why You Will Prefer the ParcelSea Package Delivery Box to Any DIY Parcel Box

Certainly, building your own parcel box can be fun. If you see it as an easy way to avoid running to the post office for a small package, it may even be enough for you. 

But what if you’re expecting high-value package contents? Hand on heart, wouldn’t you like a lot more security? ParcelSea can give you that. And more – here are all the benefits of our modern, easy-to-install and cost-effective solution:

3 in 1

With ParcelSea, you don’t have to choose just one size. In fact, the parcel box has three different sized boxes (XS, M and L) integrated into its interior. These are packed in a box with a chic exterior design – feel free to take a look at our gallery to get an idea.

Integrated Cool Box

Have you ever wished your groceries were just waiting for you at home after work? You can have that from now on. The crisp freshness of your groceries even in summer is ensured thanks to the integrated cool box. 

Feelgood Security

Say goodbye to conventional locks and hello to the modern PIN code system of ParcelSea! If your parcel is to be picked up by a third person while you are away, you can also simply send your parcel box an SMS, and it will open by itself. When a parcel arrives, you will also receive an automatic SMS notification of receipt. 

Contactless and Integration-free

ParcelSea is the convenient solution for receiving parcels from individuals, companies or grocery stores. Even if you are at home and cannot or do not want to receive your parcels yourself for health reasons, the package delivery box offers the perfect solution for contactless reception. You can have your box installed anywhere, directly in front of your house, or, for example, in front of the driveway. 

Affordable for Everyone 

We want to make ParcelSea affordable for everyone. That’s why the intelligent parcel box can not only be purchased, but also rented for a monthly price of just €15. Most of our customers opt for the rental option – because it makes the ParcelSea parcel box an interesting option financially as well, compared to building it yourself. You can find out more about our pricing here

ParcelSea Sounds Exciting to You? 

Instead of laboriously building your own DIY parcel drop box, you would like to use the intelligent solution of ParcelSea? Then find out more about the smart package delivery box for your home today, or place your order now. We would be happy to make your everyday life a little easier!