Mailbox Theft Prevention: These Options Are Available

For several years now, reports of stolen mail from mailboxes have been increasing, which is why more and more people want a mailbox with theft prevention. What thieves are particularly interested in are bank cards and their PINs – which, for security reasons, are not sent digitally by the bank.

In this article, we explain how you can make your mailbox theft-proof. In doing so, we will discuss both the retrofitting of removal locks on conventional mailboxes and alternatives. Of course, you will also learn what such mailbox security devices cost and what advantages and disadvantages they entail.

Method 1: Monitor and Secure Mailboxes

If you think that your mail is being stolen from your mailbox, it may be worthwhile to purchase a surveillance camera. If you want to install one, a small Wi-Fi camera is a good choice. With this, you can check if your suspicions are confirmed.

However, the disadvantage of video recordings is always that it is often difficult to actually identify the perpetrator. If the camera is not precisely aligned in a mailbox in an apartment building, false suspicions can easily arise.

Removal Locks Prevent Simple Theft

Purchasing a removal lock is often the better decision compared to a costly camera. With its integrated mailbox theft prevention, such a device at least prevents “simple” theft, in which people try to get through the mailbox slot with their fingers and steal mail in this way. Often, this protection can also be set to the vacation lock function, in which mail can neither be inserted nor removed. However, everyone must decide for themselves whether this function is really useful.

A removal lock is usually simple to retrofit. Depending on the design, the cost is around 30 euros. However, keep in mind that the most common type of theft consists of completely breaking open a mailbox. In addition, when buying you should pay attention to the available dimensions of such a mailbox theft prevention because not every security lock fits into every mailbox, and it reduces the capacity of your mailbox.

Security Locks Give the Owner Control

If you have a locked mailbox at your house, you can attach a security lock to it. Today, you can get such a lock for a mailbox in many different versions. For some, a regular cylinder lock is enough to stop them worrying about their mail. Coded or even biometric locks are hip, the latter being equipped with fingerprint sensors.

If you want to have a mailbox with such a smart lock, you will have to spend between 30 and about 250 euros, depending on the design. In case you frequently expect important mail, a lock with a connection to your smart home control center could be interesting for you. If mail is deposited, you will then receive a notification on your cell phone.

Security Mailbox for Your Business

Should you be a business owner, a mailbox with integrated theft protection can take away your fear of mail theft. Its main users are mainly banks, insurance companies or doctors, for example.

Security mailboxes are usually made of sturdy stainless steel and, unlike freestanding models, can be installed directly into masonry or door panels. As standard, they have at least one removal lock. Depending on the model, security mailboxes can cost between 800 and 1,700 euros, which is why they are less suitable for private households.

Method 2: Renting a P.O. Box From the Post Office

A quite safe alternative against possible letter theft can be of course also the storage with the post office, whereby your letters are not being sent to your home at all. This works with renting a post office box. However, this method is not very practical for daily use, unless the nearest post office is on your way home from work anyway.

Therefore, this method is more suitable for commercial use or if you are abroad for a longer period of the year or often on business trips. The monthly rental costs for a P.O. box at Deutsche Post amount to €22.90 including VAT.

Method 3: Buy or Rent a Smart Home Mailbox

One of the most secure ways of securing mailboxes at present is to buy or rent a smart mailbox such as the one from Parcelsea. The highlight of this smart mailbox is that it not only keeps standard letters safe, but up to three parcels can be safely stored at once in separately lockable compartments until you return. The box locks itself after you press it shut, and only you can open it again.

A keypad is available for opening, which you can use to open the intelligent parcel box with a PIN code. Alternatively, you can also send an SMS to the parcel box to open it. The latter can be useful, for example, if you are away for a long time and want family members or friends to get to the contents of the box for you. In addition, you will receive an SMS on your cell phone as soon as you have received mail or someone has opened one of your mailboxes.

The Security Features of the Parcelsea Parcel Box at a Glance

  • Couriers only have access to the open, empty compartments.
  • The box closes automatically after being pushed shut.
  • Only you can open or have the mailboxes opened with an individual code.
  • You can specify up to ten people who should also receive an acknowledgement of receipt on their smartphone when their mail arrives.
  • The attractive exterior of the parcel box is made of weather- and shock-resistant material and can withstand temperatures of minus 25 and up to 60 degrees Celsius.
  • Additional safety for your health: the intelligent parcel box can be opened by you completely contact-free.
  • Under the compartment L is a refrigerated compartment, where ordered food can be safely stored.
  • The installation of the parcel box is carried out by a Parcelsea expert, which eliminates the possibility of incorrect installation. Moreover, the functions will be explained to you in detail.

Our attractive pricing makes a smart home for everyone possible: you can buy the box for 499 euros or rent it from 15 euros per month. The exact dimensions of the box are available here.

Mailbox Theft Prevention in Apartment Buildings: Additional Tip for Tenants

Should you live in an apartment building and frequently miss letters, talk to your landlord about it. If your lease agreement does not state otherwise, the property management is responsible for the security of the mailbox system and, in case of doubt, must retrofit security features such as mailbox theft prevention. If they or your landlord refuse to do so, you could be entitled to demand a certain percentage reduction in your rent. Regarding the legal basis as well as the correct procedure in such a case, contacting a tenants’ association is always a good idea.