New Parcelsea website and new pricing packages!

Allow us to introduce you to Parcelsea’s new website and the new monthly smartbox packages, designed according to the preferences and feedback of our current smartbox owners. The new packages include a range of additional services and conveniences.


  • Parcelsea accepts your home deliveries the user accept packages 
  • Sends notifications about parcel arrivals
  • Lets you open sections remotely. 

Essential costs 12.90€ per month. 


  • Everything in Essential plus 
  • Sending and returning of packages with Parcelsea 
  • Dedicated courier management call centre – with this service, you’ll never have to answer a courier phone call again. Use the dedicated phone number with all deliveries and Parcelsea will instruct them on how to use the post box for the first time.

Standard costs 15.90€ per month. 


  • Everything in Standard plus
  • 5 extra users for the Parcelsea smart parcel box – ideal for multi-family homes or large families. 

Advanced costs 19.90€ per month

As a special offer, you can purchase the Parcelsea parcel box outright at 499€, a 50% discount from the regular 999€.