Buy a Parcel Box and Enjoy Your New Independence

Would you like time-consuming trips to the parcel store to be a thing of the past? You no longer want to be annoyed when you have taken extra time off work and the parcel carrier has apparently not even rung your front doorbell? Then buying a parcel box is a smart decision. We’ll show you why and answer the most important questions we get asked about parcel boxes.

What Is a Parcel Box?

You are probably familiar with the option of renting a parcel box locally from Deutsche Post or DHL, for example. All orders are then delivered there and are kept safe until they are picked up.

The principle of a personal parcel box is the same, but with the advantage that it is located directly in front of your house. Parcel mailboxes accept postcards, letters as well as parcels, some up to XL size, depending on the design. While older or DIY models are usually still padlocked, modern parcel boxes feature secure smart home configurations.

About the Smart Parcel Box From Parcelsea

The parcel box from Parcelsea is such an XXL mailbox 2.0. For the parcel carrier, the different compartments for the parcel insert are initially open. When he puts the parcel inside and pushes the door shut, it closes automatically. After that, it can only be opened by an individual code, which is only provided to the owner of the box.

The Opening is completely contactless and happens whenever you want. And if you’re on vacation or a business trip, you can unlock the box from your smartphone while you’re on the road. This way, even friends can take out and store your mail at your request.

Features of the Parcel Box From Parcelsea

What can our parcel box do and are there any special features that others don’t have? Yes. Let’s take a brief look at the features.

Size & Features

Parcelsea’s parcel box includes a standard letterbox as well as three different sized parcel boxes in sizes XS, M and L. A special extra is the cooler box under compartment L, which is used for the delivery of fresh goods and keeps them safe until your return in the evening. You can see the exact technical sizes of the box here.

Smart Services

After closing the door, the parcel box generates an automatic code that is provided to the owner. This can now be used to open the box either directly or remotely via SMS. As soon as a parcel is placed in a compartment or taken out, you will receive a message via SMS on your cell phone. You can also name up to 10 selected people who should also receive an SMS message.

Included and Additional Options

Not every parcel box can be opened by all delivery companies—Parcelsea’s can. No matter if you receive parcels from DHL, UPS or Hermes for example, all suppliers can access the empty boxes at any time. In addition, in the future you will also have the option not only to receive parcels, but also to send them easily from home. You can get this option either directly when purchasing the parcel box from Parcelsea or even afterwards.


Despite its innovative performance, the XXL mailbox does not require any cumbersome technology. You don’t have to read incomprehensible installation instructions or have a great background knowledge of information technology. The intelligent parcel box is battery operated and works without an app.


The parcel box from Parcelsea impresses with its modern design in gray with glossy black front area. With a weight of 65 kg, it stands very securely. It can withstand outdoor temperatures of up to 60° degrees to -25° degrees with confidence.

Installation of the Parcel Box

You don’t have to worry about the initial installation because we will do it for you. During the personal appointment, we will explain to you the handling of your new Parcelsea mailbox. If you prefer to start up your parcel box yourself, we can assure you that the process is easy to carry out. Our team will also be happy to assist you by telephone.

You are free to choose the location where the box will be placed. Many choose to install it right outside their front door. Homeowners with a large garden find it more convenient to have their parcel box in front of their garden gate. Especially if you have a free-roaming dog on the premises, this is the safer option.

What Else You Need to Know—Frequent Questions and Answers

Still not sure if buying the Parcelsea parcel box is the right decision? Maybe answering the most frequently asked questions of our customers will help you with your decision.

Why a Smart Parcel Box From Parcelsea?

A parcel box gives you the long-awaited freedom to receive and even send your parcels 24/7 at home—whether you are there or not. Parcelsea’s smart mailbox is one of the most secure solutions you can buy on the market today. In addition, it impresses with a special feature that not everyone has: an integrated refrigerator compartment for food-safe storage of your purchases ordered online.

100 text messages Per Month—Is This the Catch?

With every package delivery, you will automatically receive an SMS, that is correct. However, the first 100 SMS per month will not cost you a cent. From the 101st SMS per month, a fee of €0.05 is charged—in this respect, there is no catch here. 

What Happens When the Battery Is Empty?

The included battery for the parcel box normally lasts a whole year. If it is empty after that, you can either recharge it yourself or simply call our customer service. Our colleagues will then replace the battery immediately.

What About Maintenance?

When you buy or rent your intelligent parcel box from Parcelsea, you also purchase an all-round carefree service. This means that regular maintenance is already included in the price.

What Happens If the Parcel Box Is Full?

If all the compartments are already full during a delivery attempt, the courier driver will notify you as the owner. You will then have the option to open your box on the go by sending an SMS for the parcel service. This way, they can check if there is still room for another parcel in a compartment or even relocate one.

How Does the Partnership With Other Service Providers Work?

Flawlessly. Whether DHL, Deutsche Post or Hermes, all couriers have access to the open compartments of your parcel box. Locked, they can only be opened by the owner—from home or on the road.

Your Personal Parcel Box for All Parcel Services Is Only a Few Steps Away

You like the parcel box from Parcelsea so much that you would like to buy or rent it immediately? No problem! Here you can go directly to the online order form. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact our friendly Berlin team by phone or email.