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“Unfortunately, we didn’t meet you” – you are surely familiar with how annoying this little message in your mailbox can be. Not infrequently, you have to read it, even when you have spent the whole day at home waiting for the parcel. But a mailbox with a parcel locker can put an end to such inconveniences! 

With the ParcelSea intelligent parcel mailbox, you will receive letters and parcels delivered at the first delivery attempt – no matter whether you are at home or not. And even if you are away for a longer period of time, you don’t have to worry about the whereabouts or even a loss of your deliveries thanks to technically innovative solutions. 

This Is How the ParcelSea Mailbox Works:

  1. All unfilled letter and parcel boxes of the ParcelSea mailbox are always open. This allows the letter carrier to simply place your parcel in the locker without needing a separate key. 
  1. After placing the parcel, the carrier closes the respective locker of the box by pressing it shut until it clicks. All other lockers remain open, so you can receive multiple shipments in one or even several days without having to empty them. 
  1. Once a locker is securely closed, you will automatically receive a notification via text message to your smartphone. 
  1. With a separate, individual PIN code, you can open the parcel locker and easily remove your parcel from your large mailbox. Alternatively, the compartment can also be opened remotely by sending a text message to your parcel box. This way, during your vacation or business trip, a friend can also receive it. 

Easy Installation

You don’t have to worry about installing your new parcel box. Because we take care of that for you within our delivery area. In addition, you can also install the box easily and safely yourself, with our telephone support if necessary.

The mailbox with parcel locker is completely freestanding. Therefore, you can choose the place as you like. For example, we can place it directly in front of your front door or in front of the garden gate – if, for example, you have a closed garden or a dog in the front yard. We will also explain to you personally how the ParcelSea box works during the initial installation. 

Secure Parcel Storage Around the Clock

Did you also sweat blood until now, when you had no other choice but to have an urgent delivery left at your front door? The intelligent ParcelSea mailbox will make your life a lot easier in the future. 

Thanks to the easy-to-use locking mechanism of the individual compartments, your shipments are safely stored until you take them out. Only you can open the boxes with your own PIN code or instruct them to be opened remotely via text message. 

Innovative Sizing

The size of the entire smart mailbox is a comfortable 800 x 600 x 850 mm. The interior layout is excellently thought out. Many parcel boxes only have a single parcel locker. ParcelSea has integrated three lockers in different sizes – XS, M and L. All of them can be locked separately.

The individual dimensions of the inner compartments can be taken from the following table:

Locker SizeDimensions 
XS252 x 120 x 390 mm
M252 x 367 x 526 mm
L472 x 530 x 526 mm

The total weight of the freestanding mailbox with parcel locker is a proud 56 kg. This means that it definitely cannot be stolen in passing and can withstand quite a bit. It is also height-adjustable. 

Additional Features

ParcelSea is much more than “just” a large mailbox with a parcel locker. 

  • Not just one, but three parcel lockers in sizes XS, M and L are available for your use. 
  • In addition to receiving parcel deliveries, you also have the option of using it for convenient shipping of parcels from home. The additional parcel shipping function can be booked either when you receive the box or later. 
  • It also has a very special extra: there is an integrated cool box at the bottom of compartment L. It can be used to receive fresh food and store them in a cool place until your return. 

Advantages of the ParcelSea Mailbox at a Glance 

Let’s summarize the advantages of the ParcelSea mailbox with parcel locker once again:


With your ParcelSea mailbox, you can receive your orders around the clock and even send them if you wish, without having to be present. Time-consuming trips to the parcel store or waiting for a parcel at home are a thing of the past. 


No time or desire to look after the mailbox every day? No problem. With a standard mailbox and three different sized parcel boxes, you can receive multiple items without having to come back to empty them in between. 


Due to the coded opening of the lockers, you enjoy the feeling of the highest security within the storage of your parcels, even over a longer period of time. The box can only be opened by yourself. However, a third-party parcel pickup also works – by sending a text message to your smart mailbox.

Freedom of Choice 

Freedom of choice in two respects: firstly, should you be away for a longer period of time, you can designate up to 10 people who, in addition to you, can also receive a notification via text message that a parcel has been received.

In addition, you have free choice of delivery service: the ParcelSea box is accepted not only by DHL, like many other parcel boxes, but by all couriers.

Health Protection

The ParcelSea mailbox with parcel locker is the innovative solution for completely contactless receipt of letter and parcel mail – more important than ever in today’s world.

Quality of Life

The additional function of an integrated cool box makes it possible for you to have fresh groceries delivered directly to your home. Stressful shopping will be part of your past, and healthy food for your whole family will be on the daily schedule more often from now on. You can also easily provide your pet with fresh food in the future. 

Cost Efficiency

We understand that larger purchases are not always possible immediately. That’s why we offer our customers particularly flexible pricing. In addition to the one-time purchase of the ParcelSea parcel box, we also offer the option to rent it on a long-term basis. This way, you can enjoy the full benefits of a smart home parcel box for as little as €15 per month. 


The anthracite-colored mailbox with parcel locker impresses not only with its modern design, but also with its robust workmanship. Do you live in a place where a stiff breeze often blows or where it can be frosty? Don’t worry about the durability of your parcel box at all. It is absolutely weatherproof and can withstand outdoor temperatures of up to 60 °C and as low as minus 25 °C. When will you order your Smart Home parcel box?