Smart Mailbox: These Options Are Available

You’re expecting mail urgently, but at the same time, you can’t wait all day at home for the mailman. Wouldn’t it be a dream to get a “You’ve got mail” notification via digital means when the physical letter has been posted? A smart mailbox fulfills these and other functions. 

In the following article, we would like to show you how such a box works and explain the advantages and disadvantages it offers.

What Exactly Is a Smart Mailbox?

Whether business mail or vacation greetings from afar, almost all communication nowadays takes place via e-mail, WhatsApp & Co. But the tried-and-tested mailbox is far from being obsolete. A large proportion of the letters we still receive in the traditional way are documents that are sent by post to ensure data protection.

But for real security, the letter would have to be retrieved from the mailbox by the recipient as soon as possible. A smart mailbox “thinks” this idea to the very end. With the help of modern technology, these mailboxes are designed to let you know, when a letter arrived.

It is also possible to install a sensory warning system in case unauthorized people tamper with your mailbox. Other useful or playful extensions already exist. How about an intercom system, for example? The technical possibilities are almost unlimited. 

Excursion: What Is a Smart Home?

A smart home, smart living home or connected home refers to a home in which various technical devices can be controlled automatically via small helpers. Various IT systems are networked together for this purpose. Alexa or Google Assistant are just two of many devices that accept and implement commands from us that are spoken aloud or controlled by an app, without us having to get up and activate switches and the like ourselves. 

Smart devices seem to know no bounds these days and surprise us with their fascinating capabilities. All of them have the task of supporting us in our everyday lives, making our lives more comfortable, or monitoring our home. Often, we don’t even have to be in the room or even in our home anymore. Intelligent system technology makes it possible for you, for example, to switch on the lights in your house for your pet from your external office or to preheat your living room before you head home. 

Which Benefits Does a Smart Mailbox Have for Me?

Many people wonder whether a smart mailbox is also something for them. In this case, it is important to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages. The following summary can help you decide. 

Advantages of the Smart Home Mailbox:

  • No more unnecessary checking of your mailbox for important documents.
  • Control over your inbox, even when you are not present.
  • The possibility to integrate mobile devices of neighbors or friends during longer absences and have urgent mail read out or forwarded for you.
  • A good feeling of safe mail storage while on vacation.

Disadvantages of the Smart Mailbox:

  • Higher pricing than a traditional mailbox.
  • Possibility of the sensors being stolen in DIY or cheaper devices.
  • DIY self-build smart mailboxes require a certain level of technical skills.

How Does a Smart Mailbox Work? 

Among other things, a smart mailbox sends you a message when it is filled. But how is this actually possible? Let’s take a look at the technical side. 

These Are the Possibilities to Make Your Mailbox Smart

The basic principle of a smart home mailbox is to monitor it technically. For this purpose, there are primarily three technical options to choose from.

Window Contact

Window or door contacts can detect when the mailbox flap opens. They can be magnetic or optical in nature. Both modes of operation are quite simple in themselves. A magnetic contact consists of two parts. One part is fixed on the inside and the other on the outside of the window or door. If their distance from each other increases, an alarm is triggered. 

Optical window contacts usually work with an integrated infrared light rail. This also senses a change in distance. The alarm triggered in each case can, of course, simply be a text message to your smartphone. For this to work, you need to link your smart home control panel with your cell phone, because all messages are received via the control panel first. 

One problem with this type of contact is that the function can be limited if, as is often the case, the letter carrier simply pushes in a narrow letter and does not even lift the flap separately.

Motion Sensor

A motion sensor, also known as a position sensor, detects movements by people, animals or cars in its environment. It has a lens system built into its interior for this purpose. The commercially available devices react to infrared heat. 

You are certainly already familiar with the way it works from classic outdoor lights around your house. Attached directly to the mailbox, the detector is able to tell you when the flap has changed its position. 

Direct mounting on the outside of the mailbox is important because the sensor technology is usually too sensitive to function through a window or similar. Of course, this also increases the risk of the sensor being stolen. A link between sensor and cell phone is also possible here.

Vibration Sensor

The function of a vibration sensor is already quite clear from its name. As soon as the letter carrier drops the flap of the mailbox again after leaving a letter, the sensor perceives this vibration. It sends the message to your smart home control panel and after connecting to your cell phone beforehand, you will receive a text message.

The installation of such a sensor does not necessarily have to be on the mailbox itself, in the immediate vicinity is enough. Setting it correctly may require some patience. Because this process must be balanced, so that your mailbox does not report the slightest vibration, for example, by wind, but also in turn does not send a signal only when the flap is almost thrown shut.  

ParcelSea: The Smart Parcel Mailbox

You are already convinced of the advantages of a smart mailbox and would like to call one your own? With our very special smart parcel box, we add some more functions on top:

Time-consuming Trips to the Parcel Store Are a Thing of the Past

With the ParcelSea parcel box, you can receive not only letters, but also up to three parcels of different sizes on different days, without having to empty it every day. And this even works if you are not at home, cannot receive your orders personally for health reasons – or simply have other things to do at the moment. Unnecessary waiting for the parcel carrier, unsuccessful delivery attempts and lengthy trips to the nearest post office are now a thing of the past.

Enjoy the Truly Secure Way to Store Your Parcels

The mailbox is very secure. Only you have the code that allows you to open your parcel box for selected third parties even when you are on the road. This reduces the risk of theft to a minimum – the smart way to store parcels during your vacation! 

You Are in Control – from Anywhere

Sabbatical planned? During longer absences, you can designate up to 10 family members or friends to be digitally notified of package arrivals. You can then open your smart mailbox for them from anywhere in the world. This way, you avoid unnecessary return shipments of packages you receive while you enjoy your time away. Or simply surprise your loved ones with a few presents and secure the receipt.

Receiving Fresh Goods? No Problem

Certainly, not every parcel box is this smart: With an integrated cooling compartment, receiving fresh goods such as food or pet food products is no longer a problem. You can forget about stressful visits to the supermarket just before closing time.

Sending from Home Is Also Possible

The modern design of the mailbox not only allows you to receive orders at any time, but also to send them easily from home – even when you are in the office or already on vacation. You can either book the service when you order the parcel box or order it later.

Easy to Use for Everyone

The smart ParcelSea home parcel box is not just something for young people. By not linking it to complicated apps, it is also easy to use for older or less tech-savvy people. 

We take care of the initial installation for you within our delivery area, as well as a personal briefing on the functions. Alternatively, independent installation, if necessary with telephone support from us, is also simple and safe.

Smart Home Services Do Not Have to Be Expensive

Smart Home is expensive fun? Not with us. With our fair rental system, we offer use of the parcel box from €15 per month. Optionally, of course, you can also buy it for a one-time fee. 


Would you like to upgrade from the smart mailbox and start using the ParcelSea smart parcel box right away? Nothing could be easier! You are only a few clicks away from ordering online. If you still have questions, just drop us a mail at, and our team will get back to you as soon as possible.